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Four Tips To Get Your Car Monsoon Ready

The monsoon season can be a little harsh on the people as it imposed a greater risk when driving/riding a vehicle. So, to deal with the adverse climatic and road conditions in India, it is only wise to get your vehicles ready for the monsoon season.
In this article, we will be discussing four tips that will make your car monsoon ready and let you enjoy the outpour of the clouds to its fullest.
1.      Tyres
Firstly, your car tyres should be in good condition and have enough tread depth. In fact, the tread pattern on the tyres is the single most crucial thing that keeps your vehicle safe when driving in monsoon. The water on the road is expelled from under the wheels through the treads, further preventing aquaplaning. So, to ensure that the treads are deep enough, use a coin. Check whether the depth is within the safety norms, which is usually 3-5 mm.
2.                  Washer Wipers
Your car wipers need to be of top-notch quality. Between the seasons, the wiper blades tend to become tedious. It is heavily coated with traffic film due to oily fumes and dust from all the driving. You can easily clean it with a soap water solution. Later, check whether or not the wash wipe system is in a working condition. Put two teaspoons full of liquid detergent in the washer fluid to ensure it is clean. Once that is done, you can check for its proper functioning.
3.                  Lights
It is essential to check the car lights are well functioning before the monsoon strikes. The lights may appear okay during summers but can be inadequate during the monsoon season. Drivers experience visibility issues during the season, which can lead to road mishaps. Hence, it is crucial to check the light brightness and pattern. Install good quality bulbs to ensure that you experience no issues when driving your vehicle in monsoon.
4.                  Mud Flaps
When driving a car, what it leaves behind is as important as what you are driving into. If you would not want another car spraying muddy water onto your vehicle when driving behind it, you have to ensure that you do not cause the same issue for others. Therefore, fitting mud flaps on your four-wheeler will prevent spraying muddy water on vehicles behind you, and avoid road accidents due to it during monsoon.
To Sum It Up!
Getting your car monsoon ready is quite essential, especially if you travel long distances on a regular basis. For additional safety purposes, make sure that you have a comprehensive car insurance plan under your name.
If the policy is nearing its renewal period and you are contemplating whether to choose third party insurance or extensive coverage, get to know the difference between a third party and comprehensive insurance.
The fundamental difference between the two is that third party insurance only covers third-party liabilities. In contrast, comprehensive insurance offers extensive coverage to you and your vehicle in case of accidents, theft, and loss incurred due to natural or man-made disasters.

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