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Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

Are You Feeling Self-Conscious About Your Gaps?

Whether your missing teeth are causing problems with your other teeth, or just affecting your confidence, there are plenty of reasons to get them replaced.

Over half of UK adults are known to hate the appearance of their teeth and even avoid smiling to hide their dental secrets. Unfortunately, many believe that their teeth hold them back in both their work and personal lives as people wrongly assume them to be miserable. This is known colloquially as Posh Spice Syndrome. A professional dentist in Essex explains that if missing teeth are one of the main reasons that you feel self-conscious about your smile, then getting your teeth fixed with cosmetic dentistry could be life changing. However, there are physical reasons to replace your missing teeth too.

Why You Have Missing Teeth

Some people are never born with a full set of adult teeth, whereas others are formed without enough enamel on the surface of the tooth which means that your tooth may become cone-shaped or peg-like in a genetic condition known as ectodermal dysplasia. More commonly though, missing teeth are the result of behaviour and neglect.

If you have an accident that causes trauma to the mouth area, such as in sport or if you get into a physical fight, then any impact to the gum or jawbone can be the reason for your teeth loss. Often, it can be several months later that your dentist realises the root of your tooth has experienced trauma and at this stage it may be too late to save your tooth.

Other reasons for losing your teeth are usually related to dental hygiene and diet. If you allow plaque to build up on the surface of your teeth, without brushing them or using floss and mouthwash, then the acid from this plaque will dissolve the protective enamel on your tooth which over a prolonged period of time will create small holes in your teeth. Initially you may have fillings to save your tooth but in the long-term your tooth may die.

Similarly, from a lack of dental hygiene, you may discover that your gums are bleeding or inflamed due to gingivitis or periodontitis, which are forms of gum disease. When this is allowed to take hold, the gums surrounding your teeth become loose and start to wobble as the ligaments within your gums vanish. At this stage your sensitive roots can be exposed leaving bacteria to form and eventually your tooth will fall out, or need to be extracted.

The Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Losing your teeth is about more than just aesthetics. Even if you lose a tooth at the back of your mouth, which isn’t visible when you smile, it would still be better to replace the tooth with an implant. Losing a tooth disrupts the relationship with other teeth in your mouth. Once you’ve lost a tooth, you may find that the tooth on the opposite jaw may start to grow abnormally to fill the gap. 

The loss of gum in your tooth can also cause your jaw bone, and consequently your gum tissue to retreat. When this happens, other teeth in your mouth, even if entirely healthy, are also at risk of falling out.

From a physical perspective, a loss of your teeth can cause you to look older as your cheeks become slightly hollow as they’re not fully supported by your jawbone.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t despair. Dental implants are an easy and affordable solution for missing teeth. Advanced technology such as the Straumann implant system ensures that you can achieve an entirely natural-looking smile once again. The quicker you look into dental implants, the quicker you’ll start to enjoy the results!

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