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Private ‘One to One’ Tuitions!

Welcome to London Academy Qatar! Being one of the finest coaching centers in Doha, we offer high – class ‘one to one’ tuitions. We run our coaching centers with dedicated tutors, throughout the year. We cater to all subjects, especially core subjects such as Maths, English, and Science. Our private science tutors in Qatar provide a comprehensive and specialized range of science tuition’s to students of secondary schools. We believe in adding quality and worth to all our students’ lives with resourceful and focused education.

We enable our students to explore their capabilities in the field of science. Our Academy provides enriching science tuition in Qatar, for students to learn and expand the various aspects, of the subject in a fun and interesting manner. We emphasize on the current and newest syllabus with a pragmatic approach to the subject. Our private science tutors by London Academy will foster the love of learning new things among students immensely. Our Academy offers world-class science tuition in Qatar which is extremely pragmatic, precise and conventional.Tuition’s for all kinds of subjects and students are provided to help the students accomplish a sound understanding of the subjects while improving their self-confidence and reasoning power.

The science tuition offered to students of secondary schools includes a blend of different subjects of science with a focus particularly on the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Some of the features of our private tuition courses are:

·         Science tuitions are available for both individuals and groups who need private tuitions.
·         Tutors are always available for the ones who want to continue their studies from home.
·         Our tutors help in nurturing and developing the students’ career in the most convenient way.
·         We always make sure that only experienced and professional science tutors cater to our student's needs.
·         We teach our candidates how to be innovative in the field of science and use them in real life.
·         We make sure that both our male and female science tutors are well equipped.
·         The flexibility of science tuition schedules also ensures that students can take private science tuitions or science coaching classes as per their convenience.

Our Science tutors in London Academy are highly qualified and committed. And, we make sure that we fulfill all the requirements during the verification process.

This is mainly done so that we can ensure our students and their parents of a proper and educative ambiance, where they will be able to understand the terms, concepts, practical aspects as well as theories, and become more innovative in the competitive field of science. Our tutors also encourage the students or candidatesstudying in secondary schools, to be able to analyze and implement the new ideas they are regularly taught in these private science tuition in Qatar.

Being one of the distinguished and elite institutions in Qatar, London Academy is solely dedicated to strengthening our students’ education and bright future with productive guidance which has been specially designed to caterto all kinds of students.

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