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Why Buying a New PC or Laptop is Loosing Its Appeal

There are so many software programs out there today that claim they will speed up your computer. Many of them are actually free applications, but just because they are free doesn’t mean there isn’t an upsell. It is much like anti-virus software. You can get the software for free, and it will, to a certain extent, keep your device virus free, but there are certain features they try to entice you into buying to get that added protection.

Well, many of the software programs out there designed to speed up your PC are exactly the same. They get rid of junk and even claim to fix registry problems. 

But, if you want your PC to run optimally, then the software company will upsell you their added features. Once you buy that feature, you are beckoned to purchase another feature and the saga continues. Half the time the software does its job for a certain amount of time, but then it just doesn’t help.

There Is A Hardware Solution Out There To Solve All Your Problems

Unbelievably there is, in fact, a hardware stroke software solution called the xtrapc. This is a device that you can plug into your computer and it will literally transform your PC to its former brand new superfast self.

 The best part of it all is that this solution is more cost effective than having to pay a monthly or yearly fee for software that supposedly speeds up your computer.

Xtra-PC Is A USB Stick That Speeds Up Your Computer

This device could not be simpler to use. You need absolutely zero technical ability except for being able to know where the USB port is on your device (a little joke I thought I would throw in).

All you need to do is simply plug it into your device, follow the instructions on the screen that will guide you through the setup, and you are away. OK – so I forgot to mention you also need to know how to use a mouse and keyboard 

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The device will then give you your old speedy system back using a Linux OS via your old Windows system. 

You will have access to all your old applications and files. Not only that, your access will be at superfast speeds. Therefore, if you were thinking about buying a new laptop or PC or you simp0ly do not have the budget to buy a new laptop or PC, then this device is honestly the perfect solution for you.

Anyone that wants to speed up their device and access to their files should consider using the Xtrapc device. It is the perfect excuse not to purchase a new PC or laptop, and it is also in a way an upgrade of your current machine because you will be using less Ram and processing power using the Xtrapc device with a Linux OS.

On top of this, you get to discover why Linux has become one of the most popular operating system outside of the dominating markets of Windows and Apple.

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