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The ecosystem of data science courses in India

This write up aims to look into the ecosystem of data science in India. It starts with an interesting analogy and then proceeds to expand the scope of the subject by a detailed description. 

Various cornerstones receive a passing reference and a section is also dedicated to knowledge parks. The article then proceeds towards various skilling platforms and prospects of data science for future. 

Overview by an analogy 

Let us take an example of a large fair which takes place in a group of villages. At first instance, it appears that there is a high degree of coordination among the people who have assembled at the place. 

However, when we peep into it and analyse its structure, we find that the fair came into being from few of the sellers coming together at a place. Same is the case with the ecosystem which is related to data science. This ecosystem did not come into being all at once. It first started with a small niche of data scientists who established small start-ups and when many digital entrepreneurs got attracted, an ecosystem was generated. 

Expanding the ecosystem 

The ecosystem of data science started expanding in a gradual manner. Firstly, institutions which provide data science training came into being. This was followed by many such subsequent institutions as data science started to create a buzz in the digital world. After this, the civil society started to play an active role in taking data science to the masses. An awakened citizenry and will of the policy makers was able to get the data science course into the curriculum of few higher education universities. This was followed by other institutions following the suit. Hence, the ecosystem of data science started to expand overtime. 

Cornerstones of the course 

The cornerstones of data course include extracts from machine learning, machine intelligence, statistics, soft computing, cloud computing, data mining, data structures, data analytics, complex mathematics, business analytics, business intelligence, business management, artificial intelligence, internet of things and various other types of audit courses. 

Knowledge parks 

Because of the success of data science, ecosystems started converting into digital enclaves which started to give rise to digital zones and knowledge clusters. One of the best examples of such clusters is the special digital market of Delhi. It is here that the data science course in Delhi is getting popularized. Mention should also be made of the digital governance of Delhi which has helped such domains to thrive. The time is not far when we may witness various types of knowledge parks providing data science course in delhi. 

Learning by doing

This refers to the exposure to practical training that data scientists are provided. It is a boon for entire data ecosystem. 

Concluding remarks 

Data is a future knowledge resource. It is said that he who controls the data controls the world. So, the need of the hour is to come up with an ecosystem of data science courses in the country so that we are properly able to reap the upcoming demographic dividend. 

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