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The Best Ashok Leyland Trucks in India

The nationally well known commercial truck company, Ashok Leyland, was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Chennai. It is the second largest manufacturing company for commercial vehicles and the fourth for manufacturing buses. This company has never failed any of its customers when it comes to its functioning, capabilities and the productivity that comes with it and fulfilling the needs of the customers. The demand for Ashok Leyland trucks has always either been consistent or keeps increasing, but there are very few times when the demand for this company’s products has decreased. This describes the value this company holds based on their products.

Ashok Leyland Truck Models

By creating models of trucks, the employment opportunities in the country increased and also gained value from the economy. Creating models also help the customers understand and get a physical look and feel of the vehicle. This helps in choosing the right truck. The customers can get a direct look at the space inside and outside the truck.

Here are some of the best Ashok Leyland truck models in India:

1618 XL C This powerful truck is powered by a 6 cylinder H series turbocharged intercooled engine. The maximum power produced by this commercial truck is 180 bhp and adds a maximum torque of 660 Nm. the clutch is of 380 mm diameter. The truck is inclusive of a 6 speed gearbox in order to satisfy all sorts of road conditions. The fuel tank holds up to 165 litres of fuel. Unlike the other two trucks, this truck has a rock/ scoop body with a day cabin and chassis. Ashok Leyland 1618 XL C is installed with air brakes to provide the best and fast drive.

A1 Boss 1413 This vehicle is powered by an H series 4 cylinder engine. The maximum power generated is 130 bhp and in addition to this a maximum torque of 450 Nm is attained. The transmission run manually. The clutch is of 330 mm diameter and is a single plate dry type with hydraulic actuation and clutch booster. The

gearbox consists of 6 speeds. The fuel tank can hold up to 208 litres of fuel. The gross vehicle weight of  A1 Boss 1413 is 14,000 kgs and has the capacity to carry a payload of 9 tonnes and more. This truck comes with a day cabin and a chassis. Air brakes have been situated in order to achieve a good grip and to have a safe ride.

Captain 2523 HR This truck runs on an N series turbocharged intercooled CRS engine. The engine consists of 6 engines. The maximum power produced by this vehicle is 230 bhp and the maximum torque attained is 800 Nm. The transmission runs manually with a 9- speed gearbox installed. The clutch is of 380 mm diameters with clutch booster and ceramic lined discs inclusive of the setup. The fuel tank holds up to 208 litres. The Gross vehicle weight (GVW) adds up to 25,000 kgs and has a capacity of carrying a payload of 19,000 kgs. This vehicle too comes with a day cabin and chassis. 

The Captain 2523 HR has air brakes installed along with parking brake which are aided by ABS.

So here are the brief descriptions of Ashok Leyland’s best trucks in India.

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