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How to Prepare for Moving Away from Home to Attend College

The best way to explore the world and become independent and confident is to venture out of your comfort zone. Moving away from home to study is one of the best learning experiences in life. It not only allows you to gain knowledge and get the best guidance to forward your career, but also offers a lesson in surviving in this tough world.Fortunately, with smartphones becoming so affordable and online mobile recharge so easy, you can stay in touch with your family and friends.

College education broadens your horizon and more so when you travel far away from your familiar land. So, if you have finalized your college, but are apprehensive of moving out, here are some suggestions to prepare yourself to face the challenges that may come your way.

Tips to Begin Your College Journey Happily

Mental Preparedness

The first step in your preparation for moving away from home is gettingmentally and emotionally prepared. Accept that you’ll be in a new environment and there will be challenges. You’ll have to look after yourself and your parents won’t be around to assist.

Consider taking tips from friends or relatives who are already staying away from home on how to manage, especially in the initial days. Technological advancementsand high-speed internet networks have ensured that you have information on your fingertips. There are apps that keep you updated about weather conditions, locations and routes, besides allowing you to order food, shop for clothes or remain in contact with your family. The only thing you need to ensure is that your mobilephone is in perfect condition and that you rechargeonline regularly,so you have adequate talk-time and data.

Preparing Yourself to Handle Basic Chores

The next stage is to learn to do various daily essential chores. This step involves:

Learning to do your laundry:This will ensure you are not dependent on anybody to wash your clothes or dry, fold and arrange them.You can consider using a laundry service for bedsheets, towels and heavy clothes, like jeans. Pack enough, so you don’t need to wash clothes too often.

Cooking for yourself:Learn some basic cooking, so you can survive in case you do not like the college food or miss home food. You can ask your mom and even look for easy recipes online. With online mobile recharge being so easy and quick, you can video call your mom the first few times that you cook. Apart from learning some simple dishes, get into the habit of cleaning up after your rendezvous in the kitchen.

Managing time:Get into the habit of waking up yourself rather than relying on reminders or calls from your parents. Also, keep enough time to make your bed and clean the room before you leave for classes.

Accommodating others: You may have had a room to yourself at home. However, you probably have two to three roommates in the college hostel, at least in the initial years. Adjusting to other’s needs is an important lesson to learn. Keep an open mind and listen to the thoughts and ideas of your roommates.

Open a Bank Account

Staying away from home will require to you manage your finances and daily expenses. The first step is to open a bank account and get a debit / ATM card. Doing do will ensure that you don’t have to trouble your family for finances every few days and can easily plan your expenses. The growing popularity of online transactions has done away with the need to keep much cash in hand. Make a list of all your expenses, like groceries, travel, online mobile recharge and entertainment, at the beginning of the month and keep a check on your account balance on your smartphone.

Make a List of Things Required

The move to college means the space available to you in the hostel will be limited. So, the number of things you can carry needs to be contained. Make a list of what you intend to carry and segregate that into what you already have and what you’ll need to buy before leaving home. You may need to purchase some new clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries, apart from items for your room. While most hostels or paying guest accommodations provide essentials like a bed or study table, you may need to buy bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, towels and accessories for the bathroom. You may also need to buy a table lamp, a bookshelf or a small rack.

Health Management

The shift to a new place and environment increases the pressure of staying fit and healthy. So far, your parents may have rushed to be by your side whenever you felt unwell. That’s not going to happen anymore. College life requires you to be extra cautious. Begin regular exercise. Do a quick mobile recharge and check out yoga postures for overall fitness. Carry a first aid kit with some basic medicines. Inform your college authorities about any health issues or allergies that you may have.

Once you are mentally prepared and willing to learn and unlearn a lot of new things, the whole process of shifting to a new place for college becomes easier. So, get ready to make memories and experiences away from home. Don’t forget to take enough pics. Do a quick online mobile recharge and share your experiences on social media!

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