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Green Marketing Campaign - Materials Used For Manufacturing Reusable Bags

The advantages of using business promotion with environment friendly bags are known for its green marketing campaigns. Different types of materials are used in constructing these customized branded environment-friendly reusable tote bags. In this article, we will be discussing these materials that will assist you in finding the best bag for your business promotion.

Woven Polypropylene

This is the material made by stretching and pressing recycled plastic to form long strings. The thread shaped strings get woven to form a fabric. This material has got a texture that offers more consistency than other types of woven materials. The grid-form pattern is made by weaving the strings together. This pattern is visible on the backside. Another important advantage of these customized earth friendly non woven bags is its recyclable and durable nature.

Non-Woven Polypropylene

This material is pressed and then spun into thread like structure. Such threads get pressed and glued together. The resultant material is not just durable but also flexible. Its texture is same as that of a canvas or duck fabric. Non-woven polypropylene suits better to full-colored screen printing. This material is also affordable in comparison to woven polypropylene.

Reusable Environment friendly totes

This bag is made with the help of various materials that are constructed to determine whether or not the bag is reusable. The construction quality also plays its part. These eco-friendly totes are manufactured to be durable. They are also intended for extended use. These bags are eco-friendly as one can use them repeatedly and prevent the requirement of disposable bags.

Recycled reusable bag

Bags of this type are made from paper and plastic. The materials used in preparation of these bags are gathered and again manufactured into the form of a fabric. This enables the formation of environment friendly tote bags as existing bag materials are repurposed.

Recycled form of reusable bags is easy to be recycled once they have been used and reduced the ecological impact of these materials. The fibers get transformed into new paper products. Plastic material has the property to get recycled any number of times.

Biodegradable Materials

These types of materials can easily be broken down. It implies that this fabric disintegrates into smaller pieces at a molecular level. Biodegrading is basically a type of decomposition. This distinctive feature of these bags makes it advantageous for promotional bags.

Also, when these bags get broken down, it doesn’t lead to any negative impact on the environment. Some of the examples of biodegradable material used for manufacture of these bags are paper and natural fiber materials.

Natural Fibers

Plant based fibers like bamboo, jute, and cotton are natural materials. When these materials get harvested, then the fibers get processed into the form of thread. It gets woven into fabric that is used for the construction of bags. Natural plant based reusable bag fabrics have a conventional fabric like, and textured appearance.


So, these are some of the useful reusable, and recycled materials that are used for your effective green marketing campaign.

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