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The most promising coworking cities in India

The trends which surround the IT industry very fast catch up trending in other industries as well. The popular coworking trend in India is growing leaps and bounds at a pace as fast as lightning. The reason for the same is quite obvious. There are more & more conventional employees resorting to entrepreneurship and freelancing in order to do something on their own. 

When you are planning to start a business, the initial things that you require to decide upon are the name & logo of the company, the team that you got to hire and an office from where you would operate. Many times your house doubles up as your first office but this is not going to be effective in the long run. As your business starts to grow, you would be requiring several amenities like large screened projectors, remote printers etc. which are not available at your home. Also, distractions like a television or a pet cease to favor your productivity in the long run.

Thus, you should ideally go for a coworking space when you start a new business. The coworking spaces provide you with an optimally professional environment to conduct your business, meet your clients in professional meeting rooms and create a dependable image for your business. This is similar to gardening as you opt to plant a seed in fertile soil, feed the plants with the right amount of water and take optimum care of the plants so that they would bear fruits. This is the way how a new startup is also nurtured in order to make it a sustainable business. A coworking space is an optimum platform that facilitates the startups as well as established companies to thrive.

Coworking, by now, is already an established practice in several big cities in India like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Mumbai. There are plenty of coworking spaces already established in these cities.

ü  Bengaluru–This city tops the list in India when it comes to the location for coworking spaces. The city has got a high density of investors, a supportive environment and great mentorship. Bengaluru is popularly referred to as the Silicon Valley of India and all big tech companies like Facebook, Google etc. are based out in this high-tech city. Coworking has also evolved as a popular option in the city with around 60 coworking spaces fully operational in the city.

ü  Hyderabad – Hyderabad is considered as Bengaluru’s little sister when it comes to coworking spaces. We were certainly amazed by the tremendous pace of its massive growth which has occurred within a short period of time. The total number of coworking spaces in Hyderabad that are already operational in the city is around 25 and that’s not it. The number is growing over time.

ü  Mumbai – Mumbai is indeed growing at a fast pace and we are amazed by the tremendous number of cranes which are shaping the city’s skyline. The coworking scene is really moving fast with several coworking space Mumbai expanding their trending brands in the city. The total number of coworking spaces operational in the city is around 40.

ü  New Delhi – New Delhi is considered as the second largest coworking hub in India, where Bengaluru tops the list. Delhi is a city where one takes hours to travel from one place to another within the city. In India, it is not allowed to open a business in a residential area. The coworking spaces are always located in the business areas and one can find a coworking space in a business area in their vicinity. There are around 50 coworking spaces operational in Delhi in the present times.

ü  Gurugram – Gurugram is the satellite town in NCR and is a base of several corporate companies. There is a strong consumer base and thus this is a great place to launch a startup. There are several industries like e-commerce, education & healthcare which have witnessed a lot of success stories. Thus, Gurgaon has evolved as a hotspot for the coworking spaces.

ü  Chennai – Chennai is popularly known as the auto-manufacturing hotspot of India. There is a huge global clientele in this sector and the city caters to the same. But unfortunately, this city lags in getting the investor attention as compared to the other cities. There are coworking spaces developing in the city at a rapid pace and the pace is commendable as several startup entrepreneurs are adopting the coworking spaces in the city realizing their immense potential.

The phenomenon of coworking is trending across the globe and India is no more an exception. The overall credit goes to the millennial professionals who are increasingly loving the work atmosphere and adopting them to work productively.

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