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Checklist of Safety Features for a New Car to Buy

If you are heading towards a new car purchase, you must be having a nice checklist kept handy that would pack all your dreams under one roof. We hope that must have included the latest safety features as well. But just to keep you on the safer side, we have listed some must-have safetyfeaturesthat we have collected from the Cadillac service near Apple Valley to make sure, you don’t end up buying a car that has excluded any of these, in its either standard or optional package offers.

Automatic Emergency Braking

With the ever increasing population and traffic everywhere, the modern cars need to be prepared in advance, that will keep people safe, when they are moving. The automatic emergency braking is a feature that can sense a potential collision, through the proximity sensors, cameras and radars. It starts working first by sending an alert to the driver with the impending collision and starts applying the brakes in case the driver fails to react in time. The automatic emergency braking is said to have reduced the ratio of road accidents to a large extent, first by slowing down the car, or pull it to a dead stop, at the slightest probability of a collision it could sense.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The system of adaptive cruise control works on the basis of sensors and radars too. Usually mounted behind the grille, it is crafted to help the driver in maintaining a safe distance automatically by applying the throttle. It does so whenever the application of acceleration or brakes are required, in response to the traffic flow. Whenever the adaptive cruise control system is able to sense a car within too much proximity, it automatically starts applying the brake heavily and then tighten the seatbelts around the passengers.

Lane Keep Assist

Many times the bad driving habit of changing the lanes abruptly lead to disastrous road accidents. the modern cars are now equipped well in advance to prohibit such driving habits among the drivers, by creating an alert whenever a driver tends to change his lane, when he isn’t supposed to.  The Lane departure or lane keep assist that work as a pair starts working by throwing sound alert buzzing to either thedriver’s seat or the steering wheel to give the driver a chance to mend his ways. If he is adamant or unable to take a quick rectifying step to drive back to his original lane, the system will start gently steering the car back to the lane automatically.

Blind Spot Detection

Car or road accidents take place mostly because of lack of visibility. This includes incidents where children or pedestrians, animals or other objects come in closer proximity to the car, where the driver’s eyes can’t reach even with the help of the rear view mirrors. The blind spot monitors that are based on 360 degree view cameras would assist the driver by alerting him, whenever the system can detect any life or object nearing the car’s blind spots, and start applying the brakes, so that it doesn’t move either way and cause any further damage.

To get more information on these safety features get in touch with the experts who serve at the Apple Valley Cadillac service centers.

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