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Things to Consider Before Starting a New School

It cannot be denied that one of the biggest contributing factors to India’s all-round development is the education system in India. Because of the high demand in quality and improved standards in education, the educational sector in India will continue to be a top priority for investors, as schools in India come under the Non-Profit Organizations.

Things you need to consider before starting a school

One can go about two directions for starting a private school in India, i.e. starting a private school independently or taking up a school franchise of an already popular educational brand. It can be a primary school, a high or senior secondary school or even a coaching institute.

For instance, if you want to start an independent school, you will have to go through the whole ordeal of affiliating your school with the right educational board, obtaining rights and grants from land authorities and setting up your school’s structure of fees, syllabus, hiring of faculty and staff, and most importantly it will require a good deal of time investment. Let’s look at the things you have to keep in mind before starting a new school—

Registration and Certification

Before taking the first step towards starting a new independent school, you need to set up the school society or trust. Then you will have to follow the rules and regulations for obtaining the NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Market Survey

The next step would be to conduct a market survey as this is the most ideal way to find out how feasible it is to start a school in a specific city or state.  It is also important to know the need of the people for a school in that area and the board of education people want to put their children etc.


Every school board has its own set of conditions on various aspects of land, building, layout, facilities and staff.  Choosing the ideal location for your school would help you to beat high competitions from other schools. Areas with lesser competition will be favourable for a new school to choose and to earn a good return on investment.


The most necessary step is the marketing and promotion of your school. Marketing is important for any business, especially for start-ups, and your new school will have similar requirement. You need to advertise and market your school name to get known and heard among your potential clientele. Here comes your option of buying into a school franchise, which is an already popular brand in the educational sector which will not require much marketing.

School Franchise vs. Independent School

Starting a school in India isn’t an easy task. To get through the initial registration process of your school, you will need to set up a society or trust as the primary step. School Franchises ease up this process, as in India there are many popular schools which are ready and in a lookout to lend their name as a brand to your school.

For the success of your new school, you need to properly plan your business strategy, paying special attention to the category of students your school will deal with and the type of school etc. and acquire registration accordingly. Taking up a franchise of an already popular school reduces all this effort, as the Business plan for your school will be a tested, fully-functional plan that has proven itself for the success of the parent school. Under the tag of the renowned brand name that comes with a school franchise, the registration and certification will come attached when you will buy into the franchise.

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