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How to Get Ready for the Toronto Immigration Process

If you have plans to move to Toronto in the future, it’s important to start thinking about the immigration process as soon as possible. In addition to filling out paperwork, you’ll also have to conduct an interview with immigration officials before you can obtain your visa or a green card. When you know what to prepare for, you’ll be less nervous during the interview and can answer the questions in written or verbal form clearly and easily.

First, there are several forms you’ll need to fill out to ensure that the immigration department has all your personal information. The form should include your full name and date of birth as well as your birthplace. The forms may also require you to fill out information about your family members, especially if you have relatives who already live in Toronto or other cities in Canada. It’s best to work with an immigration consultant to ensure your forms are filled out completely and correctly. The consultant also has connections with other immigration professionals and will process your paperwork to ensure it gets to the right departments in a timely manner.

Once you’re ready for the interview process, you’ll be asked why you want to move to Canada. This is when you let the interviewer know that you want to come to Toronto to attend school, get married, start a new job or simply begin a new life in Canada with your friends and family. Be honest when you’re answering questions, since the interviewers have been trained to detect whether interviewees are sincere. It’s understandable that you’ll be nervous throughout the interview process. But if you have an idea of the type of questions you’ll be asked, you’ll be more at ease.

You’ll also be asked about your personal life. Your interviewer will ask about your religious beliefs and affiliations. You may also be asked about your social life and the things you like to do for recreation. This lets Canadian officials know whether you’re coming into the country for legal and suitable reasons. If you’re entering the country because you plan on getting married or have a spouse who already lives in Canada, the interviewer will ask you questions to get more information on the validity of your marriage. For instance, you may have to explain how you met your spouse and how long the two of your have known each other.

 Your interviewer may also want to know specific details about your spouse, like his/her favorite color or type of music. Questions about your daily life are part of the interview as well. For instance, the interviewer may ask whether your or your spouse gets up first in the mornings.  This ensures that your marriage is not part of illegal activity. Depending on how you answer the questions, your immigration interviewer will know whether to expedite your paperwork so that you can live in Canada legally. The interviewer may want to get additional details about your marriage, such as where your wedding ceremony took place and how many people were in attendance.

Remember that the immigration process is challenging, but you can get through it successfully if you know how to work with an immigration consultant to get through the process smoothly.

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