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Teal Swan – Ways to Ditch Pretence And Embrace Your Authentic Self


Most people are unhappy these days primarily because they live a life of pretence and are far away from their authentic selves. Often, they are scared of facing the truth, which is why they remain unhappy inside. It is here that spirituality steps in to help and guide people on the path to authenticity to invoke joy, peace, and happiness in their lives. 


Teal Swan- how can one face the truth and become happy, accessible, and blissful in life?


Teal Swan is an inspirational name in the field of metaphysics and spirituality. She is an influential leader regarding self-alignment, empowerment, and authenticity. The ideology behind her movement for authenticity is that the fast-paced modern world is established on the pretence of making people unhappy. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities like clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. In her childhood, she was severely abused; however, today, she uses her gifts along with her harrowing personal experience to heal others.


Helping others to heal 


Her own life experience also determines what she teaches and how she teaches. She is a celebrated author and has released six best-selling books. She is a talented artist and has created more than 150 frequency paintings. She is the creator of the “Ask Teal” YouTube series, gaining more than 45 million views. She hosts The Fifth Element, an event that takes place for more than three days and is designed to help people awaken the dormant elements inside them. Once these elements are aroused, their potential unfolds.  


Why is acceptance of the truth necessary?


To become the authentic version of themselves, acceptance of the truth is critical. Most people are scared of accepting the fact, which is why they are unhappy in life. Moreover, a person needs to be willing to view the point. According to her, the only axis of absolute power is to be in reality and see the truth as it is. One of the most important things one can do is decide honestly on your real motive for practicing self-help and spirituality. 


Know why you want to embrace spirituality and self-help


There are two large groups of people that practice self-help and spirituality. The first group practiced them just to feel good, whereas the second group resorted to knowing the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. They are willing to face reality as they know it is the only path that will take them to freedom, joy, and peace. She is the ideal teacher for the second group of people willing to accept and embrace the truth. 


She says all the truth is not painful. The yearning for pain relief and the desire for healing often takes one in drastically opposite directions. Teal Swan is the perfect guide and teacher for those who wish to learn about the truth and invoke positive change in their lives. They are fortunate to lead deeply integrated, meaningful, and empowered lives with success! They can awaken their true potential and embrace a life of authenticity.


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