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Here's how you do mistakes which can be corrected by Baby Safety Products…


Children are fragile individuals who are continually exposed to a variety of threats. The desire to have fun and explore might be dangerous to one's health. We can't always fight our impulses and wishes to protect our children as parents. This is not only difficult and impractical, but it also limits their freedom and chance to explore and learn from the environment around them.

To allow our children to grow up happy, we must strike a balance between protection and freedom. We must be foresighted and seek to avoid any potential mishaps, which may include avoiding, changing, or removing evident threats, particularly the seven deadly dangers.

Common frequent home incidents


Cloth cradles strung on springs are potentially hazardous. A baby was allegedly claimed to have fallen from a fabric cradle while fast sleeping. A sagging spring or forceful swinging might lead the infant to collide with the floor or neighboring objects. Putting your child to sleep in a cot is safer.

It's recommended to avoid using a 'walker' or wheelchair to assist your child while learning to walk because they might lead to mishaps at times.

Electric shocks

Try not to be alarmed if your pet or kid receives an electric shock. To begin, switch off the power source. To push the victim away from the electrical source, use a long wooden implement (such as a broom) or plastic.

Once the kid is secure, assess his or her responsiveness and alertness before seeking medical attention and treatment at a clinic or hospital. Keep electrical items out of reach of youngsters to avoid this happening. The Child proof light switch cover keeps children's fingers from becoming stuck in the socket.


The majority of burns and scalds happen in the kitchen. Do not point the pan's ears or the pot's handle forward so that it can't be pushed by your child or you, causing the pot or pan to topple over.

Make sure the bath water is not too hot before washing your child, as his skin is more sensitive than yours. To maintain the heat, dip your hands into the water. It is preferable to wash the infant with warm water. Matches and lighters should be kept out of reach of youngsters.

Wounds from being hit by sharp tools

Sharp instruments, such as knives and scissors, and sharp shards from shattered things, such as glass and ceramics, produce the most common or frequent injuries. Stopping the bleeding is the first step. It's done by pressing the wound with a clean cloth or simply your fingers if you don't have one. After 10 minutes, the bleeding usually stops. By elevating the wounded area of the body, blood flow can be delayed.

The incision can be closed and sealed with a gauze cloth or plaster glue once the bleeding has ceased. If you suspect a foreign item, such as a shard of glass, is still lodged in the wound, seek emergency medical attention at a clinic or hospital.

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