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Are Monstera Plants Easy to Take Care Of?

For the past few years, monster plants' popularity has been rising, whether as indoor plants or outdoor plants. Its peaceful, tropical, and calming presence are the cause of many people choosing the monster plants as the ideal minimalistic decorations. You could easily get monstera leaves through monstera plant Singapore sites. But, if you still have some hesitation or are still going back and forth about getting one, you should finish reading this article. The reason one usually might have when they're considering having indoor plants is the care and maintenance the plants require. Some are afraid it would be time-consuming and distract them from their daily routine, or some might be worried they couldn't give the plants the proper care. Well, worry not, because that most likely wouldn't be the case for monsters.

The Benefits and Charms of Monstera Plants


The ultimate reason behind its popularity is its low demand for maintenance. However, as a living creature, there are few necessities the plant needs to thrive and beautifully fill the space inside your house. You have to assess your plant's watering needs as soon as you get it. But before, you need to make sure the soil is not too soggy. Another step you should consider doing before watering your plant for the first time is aerating the soil. Aerating the soil could help its breath as it releases its moisture. The last thing you have to make sure of is the amount of light the plant receives is enough.

  Beautiful Leaves and Unique Patterns

Monsteras are known for their natural leaf holes, which is the exact reason behind their name. However, the origin of why monster plants have holes in the first place triggers debate and conversations. Some people believe monsters make holes in their leaves to withstand hurricane-force winds. Because that's the case for birds of paradise plants. It split its leaves to allow the windy breeze to get through. Meanwhile, others wonder if the reason behind those holes is because they have perforations in their roots that allow water to reach them more easily. Well, despite the reason behind the holes of monstera leaves, we can all agree that those holes add a visual point to the plant.

  Air Purifying Ability

Monstera plants have a large surface of leaves with beautiful tropical patterns that attract ones' attention. However, besides serving aesthetically pleasing looks, the large monstera leaves also serve the purpose of an air purifier. Monstera is on the list of plants with the most air-purifying ability, along with other plants, such as English ivy and Peace lily.

Care Tips for Indoor Monstera

When it comes to maintenance routine or care tips, the most crucial things for plants must be water, soil, and light. The soil of monstera plants must be lightly hydrated. Keeping an eye on your monstera can help you feel more confident about your watering routine. The leaves of your monstera may appear droopy when it needs water. If your plant perks back up a few hours after watering, you know it's in a healthy state.

It is also crucial to properly place your plants. You have to make sure the plant receives the amount of light it requires on daily basis. Please take note that any kind of intense heat is not beneficial for your plant. Therefore place it somewhere humid and is exposed to a good amount of natural light.


Perfect Places for Monstera Inside Your Home


Monstera has a reputation as one of the best plants for bedrooms. That's because monstera's presence adds a sense of comfort to the room. Some sites even stated that monstera could help you achieve a better quality rest.

  Living Room

Elevate the mood and the joy of your living room with monstera. Monstera came in various sizes therefore, you can choose which plant is suitable for the designated space. For a living room, a tall one might be perfect to light up the corner of the room.

  Dining Room

If you're looking for a suitable indoor plant for your dining room, the monstera plant is your answer as it could improve air quality and add freshness to your dining room.

  Office Room

Besides elevating mood and atmosphere, monstera plants also help increase focus and relieve stress. That makes monstera's presence is needed in office rooms or workspaces. You can place it on your hanging shelves if placing it on your desk is too space-consuming, You could also get a tall one and place it beside your working desk.


The humidity of bathrooms is perfect for monstera. And monstera's calming presence could increase the quality of your morning and evening relaxing bath. You can have a small one and place it on top of your sink to add freshness.

So, consider getting one of the most popular indoor plants to beautify your house. Other than monstera, bonsai is also a decent choice for you to choose with some popular options, such as Chines Elm and Ficus bonsai Singapore. Erase your doubts about getting indoor plants, if you classify yourself as a beginner, then monstera is perfect for you.

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