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MP Bhulekh Land Records & how to Check it?


As per latest NCAER Land Record and Services Index (N-LRSI) 2021, Madhya Pradesh has acquired top position for two years in a row in its effort to digitise land records. This index is prepared by the National Council of Applied Economic Research and supported by Omidyar Network India.

Introduced by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, MP Bhulekh is an online platform that enables citizens to check MP land records online. MP land record includes various information such as Landowner details, Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop (RTC), the shape and size of land, type of soil, details regarding irrigation use of the lands and crops. 

The digitisation of land records has streamlined the process of maintaining land records for both landowner and buyers. Even more, the ease of access to MP land record has helped citizens save time as well as money.  

Benefits of MP Bhulekh portal 

With MP Bhulekh, the Government has benefitted users in these following ways,

        Easy-to-access land records.   

        Access to Khashra, Khatoni, Map.

        Payment collection.

        View maps or Bhu-naksha.

        Intimation of Diversion.

Steps to check MP Bhulekh land records (Khasra/Khatoni/Map) 

Follow the steps mentioned below to check MP Khashra (a number provided to a particular piece of land) or Khatoni (all land-holding details of a family) or map.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Bhulekh MP.

Step 2: Click on the respective district you want to view land records of. 

Step 3: Select the Tehsil to view the required information. 

Step 4: Click 'OK', and it will show a list of villages.

Step 5: Search your village and click on the link beside the selected village.

Step 6: Select the Khashra/Naksha option.

Step 7: The landing page will demand you to provide information on several factors, namely, 'District’, 'Tehsil', 'RNM', 'Light or Halka', 'Village', 'Year'.  

Step 8: Select the Khashra number.

Step 9: Print/download MP land record. 

A clearance in land records and documents can help you to avail home loans in Madhya Pradesh and pass the legal inspection easily. Lending institutions conduct a legal inspection to verify original documents of the property, including title deeds, no-objection certificates (NOCs) and other ownership papers. There are several lending institutions that offer various types of home loans against minimal documentation. 

These NBFCs also offer pre-approved offers to make the loan availing process simple. These offers are available on other financial products, including home loan, loan against property and many more. You can check their pre-approved offer by entering your name and contact details. 

Steps included in checking property-related documents   

While availing a home loan in Madhya Pradesh, if you wish to check the property-related documents, you can do so effortlessly with the MP Bhulekh portal. However, there are other documents required for your home loan approval.

Below is a step by step discussion to check property-related documents online. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of MP land record.

Step 2: Click on the 'FREE SERVICES' option. 

Step 3: The landing page will show the options, namely, Khasra/B-1/Map Copy, Bhu-Naksha, Village List, Copy Application Form, Downloads, Khashra/ B-1/Map, Data Cleansing Report.

Step 4: Click any of the given options and fill out information regarding Zilla, village, tehsil etc., to view property-related documents.

Step 5: Select from the drop-down list such as Khata number, Khasra number etc.

Step 6: Click on the 'Submit' option.

Step 7: The landing page will display the requested documents once the form is submitted.   

The MP Government's intervention in digitising MP land records have not only streamlined the process of maintaining land records but are also expected to reduce land disputes. On top of that, the computerisation of land records can boost the GDP of India up to 1.3%.

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