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Can an Older Woman and Younger Man Relationship Work?


People still raise their eyebrows and let their tongues go wild if they know a couple in which women is older than man. But such relationships are becoming acceptable as people realize that there is no suitable age that defines companionship and love.

The Psychology of older women-younger man relationship lies in the fact that women get attracted to vitality in younger men while men love mature and independent women. Thus, people finally realize the merits of such a relationship.

Let’s look at some facts about an older woman and younger man:

1) Sexual compatibility

Women reach their sexual peak in their 30s, while men do so in their 20s. So older women younger men have impeccable sexual compatibility.

2) Financial Ease

Older women are focused on careers and are financially independent. Young men respect the hard work and dedication a woman puts to rise in her job. Men are growing comfortable around the idea of women earning more than them and being focused on their careers. Neither does it bother women that their younger partner is earning less than them. For men, it helps to resist the patriarchal pressure, and it gives more stability.

3) Absence of drama

Older women are clear and upfront about what they want and spell out the wrongs, which leaves no place for unnecessary drama in the relationship. It makes it easier for men to read between the lines and act accordingly. There are no unsaid expectations and proper communication, which makes their relationship stronger.

4) A lot to learn from each other

When in a relationship with older and mature women, men tend to grow and become better people. Older women are intellectually stimulating for younger men. They learn to behave more maturely. On the other hand, women learn about the modern world and get to enjoy various new experiences.

5) Life is exciting and fun

Couples, where older women and younger men are in relationships, have little to lose as they have already defied society which makes them comfortable to be their real selves all the time. The couple is free and need not need to shy away from exploring. This makes the couple get closer to each other.

Bollywood has always embraced change. There have been relationships where the Young actor married older woman. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai have a three-year age gap. Aishwarya is not just older but earns more than Abhishek. Dhanush is among Tamil actors who married older woman as his wife, Aishwarya, is older than him.

Every relationship has its glue and poison that can keep a couple together or tear them apart. People fall in love with a person despite their age. As long as there is love and determination, any relationship can work.

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