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Why Click-To-Call Is Vital To Your Small Business Growth

People across the globe use smartphones for pretty much everything. From searching any item on the e-commerce site to making phone calls to businesses for queries, smartphone use is everywhere. Now, the question is whether your web app or website is ready to help your customers with their queries. That is where click-to-call comes into action. In this article, you will learn why click-to-call software is vital for small business growth.

What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-dial, is a method that allows people to connect with a company representative through the phone. With a click-to-call feature on your business website, you can let your visitors submit their details. According to some reports, around 65% of people prefer to contact a business via phone. If you are a small business owner with a click-to-call option on your website or allow the customer to connect with you over a phone call, it has a notable impression on your business bottom line.

6 Reasons why Click-to-Call is vital for your organization –

The success of any business lies in the omnipresence of the conversation channel. Although the communication channel differs across customers, the most trusted way consumers connect is via phone calls. Using click-to-call software integrated with your website or online business app makes it easier for customers to reach out to your small business. Here are some of the reasons why integrating click-to-call software is essential for small businesses.

i.Receive More Inquiries and Orders: According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, 39% of users call a business when they specifically need to buy something or have any query before purchasing any product. Each caller tries to contact the business executives or customer care directly without rendering extra time and effort. Click-to-call can benefit the business in this regard. Customers can call the staff with a single click or request a call-back without memorizing the phone number. All these benefits will make the customers inclined more towards your business.

ii. Minimize Customer Effort: Many organizations evaluate their user experience through Customer Effort Score (CES) as an essential metric. This measurement guides in enhancing customer loyalty and experience when the score goes down. Integrating click-to-call software as a business solution in the website or web application improves CES significantly. It also minimizes missed sales opportunities for the business.

iii. Heightens Customer Loyalty: Without delivering superior customer service, a business cannot persuade customers to return & purchase their items. Click-to-call service benefits small-scale enterprises to achieve excellent customer service in various ways. Customers can directly leverage the call-to-service option to solve product/service issues by clicking for a call-back. Such features automatically promote customer loyalty.

iv. Helping customers in time of need: When the customers need to solve a query while purchasing a product/item, the most sophisticated approach is click-to-call software. Such solutions enable customers to gather information or resolve any issue by avoiding long call queues. In traditional customer care services, the customer had to experience a long waiting time. But through click-to-call software solutions, customers can schedule call-back options as per their preferred time. It helps businesses bring into notice to reach customers as per their comfort.

v.Create more Relevant Marketing: Integrating click-to-call solutions also help small businesses understand their customer. Thus the business staff can make more relevant suggestions of products, services, or items. It improves the marketing, and hence the business can know more about the customer's prospects.

vi. Track or record every call: Businesses gain more requests and inquiries when allowing customers to communicate through toll-free numbers. Through such free calls, enterprises can gain granular insights on customer needs and feedback. When the manager needs to recall those user demands and feedback, they can go through the previous call records.

Conclusion –

As every organization is promoting digital communication technology, click-to-calls can aid in gaining more leads. Most small businesses have embedded click-to-call software in their websites, digital ads, and web applications to boost customer experience and satisfaction. You can accomplish and embed click-to-call solutions to your website withKnowlarity's click-to-call integration (https://support.salesmate.io/hc/en-us/articles/360018477352-Knowlarity-Click-to-Call-Integration).

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