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How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Newark?


Newark is a city that is like most of Delaware’s cities, that has roots that stretch back to the 17th century. The city of Newark had much to explore and was settled by the Scottish-Irish descent. Visit this city which is located in New Castle County, the southwest of Wilmington.

This city has an attraction for local and regional lovers of history and much to discover and know the history dwelling from the past.

This city also houses the University of Delaware and has a population of just more than 33,000 residents. 

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Note down the following spots to explore in the city:

Hale-Byrnes House

The Hale-Byrnes House is located on Christian Road which is a local historical icon listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit this popular site which was originally built in the mid-18th century. This home was the residence of prominent local figures at various times, who also played important roles in the country’s founding and during the Revolutionary War.

White Clay Creek State Park

White Clay Creek State Park is a small size park in terms of area but is home to state and local parks. Visit this area to enjoy lush-green parks that are just relatively short drives away. You will find that the White Clay Creek State Park is spanning over more than 3,000 acres in New Castle County and has become a hotspot for lovers of the great outdoors.

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Resident Ensemble Players

The Resident Ensemble Players is located at the Roselle Center and is a professional group of theatrical performers that are present on the campus of the University of Delaware for the Arts. This area produces and performs a variety of high-quality shows during the year ranging from serious classics and contemporary plays to various children’s performances, events, musicals, and comedies.

Midnight Oil Brewing Company

Midnight Oil Brewing Company is a small brewer across the country that started out experimenting with the art of beer making as a hobby by its founder. Visit this place with friends and family to enjoy nightlife and relish delectable food and snacks items here. This company has been praised for its tasty products.

Iron Hill Science Center

Iron Hill Science center is a perfect place to visit if you are one of those who require constant engagement and physical activity. This site is to be visited by one who has little ones with them. The Iron Hill Science Center displays many of the exhibits which were designed with children in mind, and with those of all ages and interests. This center is settled on Robert L. Melson Lane and is worth visiting.

Brew HaHa

Brew HaHa opens at the crack of dawn who need a surprise of caffeine every day for early risers to get their day started. This site is located just off Main Street in Newark. Visit this area if you have an idea about this site and for those unfamiliar with coffee, better to avoid rushing into this.

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Newark History Museum

The Newark History Museum is a must-visit attraction for visitors who are looking at the First State’s past and is managed by the city’s historical society. Visit this museum which is located on South College Avenue downtown featuring a variety of exhibits on local and regional history.

Grotto Pizza

Grotto Pizza is a famous item for Delaware’s old-fashioned and family-friendly beaches that draw crowds of vacationers during the warm summer months. The beaches in the city make it a point to stop at one of Grotto Pizzas for tourists to relax on their way to the ocean. Visit one of these Grotto Pizza’s Newark locations which are located on East Main Street featuring pizza options in several sizes. 

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