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How Online Marketing has taken the lead over the traditional marketing?

Today, most companies rely on online advertising because it brings together many levers. But why integrate online advertising into your digital strategy and above all, what are its advantages?

Online advertising, also called digital or online advertising, promotes a company, a brand, a service or a product to Internet users. Of course, online advertising has to be paid for, so take this into account when planning your budget. It can take several forms:

·         Advertisements on social networks, Facebook Ads for example, to gain visibility,

·         Paid referencing, to appear in the first search results,

·         Sponsored links like Google Ads , to stand out better in searches,

·         The purchase of spaces on an external site with banners, videos, etc.

·         Advertising insertions in videos, etc.

·         Link Building through SEO for organic result in Search Engine.

The advantages of online advertising:

·         The cost: online advertising is less expensive than traditional advertising. The prices are calculated according to the duration of the campaign that you have configured. Also, you know exactly how much it will cost you; you have complete control over your budget.

·         Speed: thanks to online advertising, you will promote your website and your offers more quickly. From the first days, you will be able to see and measure the results. It is a great lever of acceleration if you are launching your activity or a new product.

·         The choice: you can choose the visuals you will use as well as the advertising format. This diversity makes it possible to produce attractive online advertisements, which will better attract the attention of Internet users.

·         Efficiency: online advertising guarantees you better penetration of the market you are targeting. But it also gives you a major advantage over the competition: you will be sure to stand out.

·         Precision: by opting for online advertising, you will be able to target very precisely the audience that interests you, in terms of profile, socio-professional category, and location, national or international.

·         Monitoring: you will have access to real-time statistics to measure the performance of your online advertising and improve your campaigns as you go.

Online advertising allows you to accurately measure your return on investment. The data is precise and reliable. It is thus possible to understand the path taken by your customers and adapt your campaigns accordingly. It is the essential choice for performance campaigns by controlling your budget according to the result. Also choosing the right digital marketing company such as Ducima Analytics Private Limited, is also as important as choosing a marketing strategy.

Whatever your goals as a business, PPC can probably help you achieve them. Whether you want to increase the number of potential customers, increase the number of online sales, or just improve your brand awareness, you can achieve this through a paid SEO strategy. The PPC marketing allows you to promote easier your marketing content and reach your ideal audience at each stage of the sales funnel.

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