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GMAT Accepting Colleges in India


While the CAT exam is the most popular MBA entrance exam in India due to the vast number of business schools — like the IIM — that require CAT scores, the GMAT is also accepted by some top b-schools. There are business schools and colleges, including the IIMs that ask for GMAT scores as part of their MBA admission requirements.

In this article, we’ll present to you a comprehensive list of GMAT colleges and also help you understand what goes beyond the GMAT to secure your admissions at a top tier business school in India.

GMAT Accepting Colleges in India

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is a standard test conducted by GMAC all over the world. Although the GMAT exam is an essential aspect of the admission prerequisites set by most global business schools, its scope within India has been limited. One of the major reasons for this limited acceptability of the GMAT at Indian business schools has been due to the popularity of the CAT exam. This is because it is demanded by the IIMs. And, since a large chunk of the Indian MBA aspirant population comprises IIM aspirants, the demand for the CAT exam increases substantially. Hence, the number of GMAT colleges are quite low when compared to those that accept the CAT exam as part of their admission requirements. Despite this low demand, there are a few GMAT accepting colleges in India .The list of GMAT accepting colleges in India are as follows:

 GMAT Accepting Colleges in India for MBA Programmes:

  1. IIMs – Ahmedabad
  2. Indian School of Business
  3. XLRI – Jamshedpur
  4. IIM Bangalore
  5. IIM Lucknow
  6. IIM Indore
  7. IMT – Ghaziabad
  8. S.P Jain Institute
  9. Great Links Institute of Management – Chennai
  10. IIM Calcutta

Admission Requirements to MBA programmes in India

Whether you plan to take the GMAT or not, there is a lot more that goes into your MBA application beyond entrance tests. Sure, business schools prefer offering admissions to students who have a high GMAT score (700 above), they also look into your professional work experience, GPA and participation in extracurricular activities to gauge your leadership and communication skills. All in all, you must focus on excelling holistically to strengthen your application and increase your chances of getting into a top tier MBA programme at a leading business school.

The GMAT is used to gauge an applicant’s ability to deal with complex problems, the CAT exam, on the other hand, mostly gauges an applicant’s theoretical knowledge on concepts of quant and verbal. So, you can choose to take up any exam that you think is helpful for your program and is required by the college you plan to apply to.

Now that we’ve informed you about GMAT accepting colleges in India, you’re better positioned to decide which a suitable entrance test is for you to prepare based on your higher education goals.

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