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Buying guide of selecting the best camping shower

Are you going camping and want to stay clean? You'll probably want to make a camp shower unless there's a nearby lake, stream, or river where you can wash off. You will need a different style of portable camping shower depending on a vehicle camper who can take just about as many heavy goods as you desire. Here are various factors you should consider when buying a camping hot water system:

Take into account portability.

Camping showers are portable, but some are only truly portable if you have access to a vehicle. Anyone on an actual camping trip where they had to carry everything they needed on their back knows how a little weight can build up to make a journey fun or stressful. Rare is the traveler who can afford to carry an 8-pound camp shower on their back while also carrying food, clothing, cooking gear, a sleeping bag, a tent, and other necessities for a hiking trip.

Choose the ones that have a heating system.

A solar portable camping shower makes more sense because it can weigh as little as one pound, which is much easier to manage than eight pounds. The disadvantage is that getting a hot shower with these types of camp showers is entirely reliant on the sun, with too little or no sun resulting in a chilly shower and too much resulting in scalding hot water. Because these backpackers will almost always have a camping stove and cooking pot with them, they may rely on heating water in a pot for a wipe down with a scarf and some Dr. Bronner's soap or as a supplement to the shower's not-quite-warm water. In the summer, though, cold water alone will suffice.

Choose the ones that have a propane heater

If you have a car and need to transport your camping gear, you might want to consider investing in an outdoor camping shower that uses gas to heat the water. Solar camping showers rely on the whims of the clouds, whereas these heat water on demand. Some types can also heat a limitless amount of water (depending on the fuel), which is helpful in cases where many people need to use the shower. If many family members accompany you on your trip, you might consider purchasing a camping shower enclosure or a tent. Everyone's privacy is protected in this way.


However, a growing number of customers are opting for hot water systems that are permanently installed in your vehicle's engine compartment. A camping hot water system is the greatest camping setup since it allows you to shower quickly and easily. You must, however, keep the engine running (which isn't a big deal). So, please think of how nice it would be to take a hot shower after a day of relaxing on the beach or in the wilderness the next time you go camping!

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