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What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and why is it important in any Industry?


CNC plasma cutting machine is a familiar device for businesses in the mechanical industry. Metal products processed by plasma cutting machines have superior quality than conventional cutting machines. The following article helps you better understand the CNC Plasma cutting machine and the notes you need to know when using it.

What is a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

When the metalworking industry has not been widely applied, people often use Oxy-Gas torch to cut and engrave high hardness material surfaces. However, this method has a slow cutting speed, it is difficult to control and adjust the flame, the quality of processed products completely depends on the skill level of the worker. With these disadvantages, the Oxy-Gas method cannot produce machine parts with small sizes and complex shapes. 

The introduction of the plasma cutter has solved this problem. Scientists have researched and discovered that an inert gas path when passing through an electric arc will create a high-temperature plasma beam. The plasma beam travels to the cutting head, focusing on the surface of the material and igniting the metal in a short time. 

Computer Numerical Control

On the other hand, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is an automatic programming system controlled by a computer. The CNC plasma cutting machine is a device that works based on the digitization process, the automatic control system will move the torch according to the pre-installed sample drawing on the computer. As a result, this type of cutter can make the metal cutting and engraving process faster but still ensure the accuracy of the final product. 

Plasma cutting machines are often used to cut metal materials such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, black steel... In particular, this type of cutting machine is also capable of processing metal with a thickness of more than 10mm with precision high. 

Working principle: 

The power supply unit is activated which will activate the voltage and gas flow (without arcing) to the cutting head. The spark generated from the arc starting circuit will ionize and form a plasma arc. The high temperature of the Plasma arc transmitted to the cutting head and exited to the outside will melt the metal, and at the same time blow away the material from below the cutting groove. The cutting head of the machine will move according to the pre-programmed drawing by the CNC system.

Application of CNC plasma cutting machine

Outsourcing materials for the advertising industry

Automatic plasma cutting machine can cut small and delicate details on billboards. Besides, this type of cutter can also cut metal letters in any shape and size, meeting the requirements of businesses and customers. Billboards are manufactured from Plasma cutting machines with high aesthetics, cutting time is significantly shortened compared to manual manufacturing. 

Crafting kitchen utensils

Home kitchens or industrial kitchens all use a lot of metal objects, especially stainless steel. These products are often very demanding in terms of safety and usability. In addition, the plasma beam from the small CNC machine is friendly to human health, ensuring the creation of products that meet the above requirements. 

Production of art partitions, interior and exterior decoration

Fine art partitions and interior and exterior decoration items often have complex shapes, many sophisticated details, and need to use modern cutting technology for processing. Popular products: Stair railings, art partitions, outdoor balcony balustrades, elevators...

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