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Top Considerations Before Selecting Fittings For Your Bathroom


Paying attention to the kind of fittings that will be used in your bathroom might seem like an avant-garde thought. However, considering that a bathroom is the most important and useful part of a house, choosing the most reliable fittings and accessories is crucial. The market is filled with options ranging from pocket-friendly ones to those that cost a bomb.

This difficulty level increases when we are unaware of the kind of fittings that would suit our bathrooms and do not know our needs clearly. However, choosing the right kind of fittings can help you relax and save maintenance costs as well.

Any bathroom that one comes across is always subject to constant water pressure and exposed to chemicals in soaps and other cleansing agents, indicating that a poor selection of fittings can be prone to rusting, stop functioning soon, and be unsafe to use.

The task is not easy. You have to select fittings that match the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, stay functional and fall within your budget. To help you out, here are some things to keep in mind before you decide to buy bathroom fittings -


Going for the design that appeals to you the most is the unsaid rule. However, make sure you pay extra attention to its compatibility with your bathroom. For example, when picking a shower, keep in mind the height and space in your bathroom.

Bathroom layout

This includes the space available and the overall theme that the bathroom holds. Modern day bathrooms are high on aesthetic appeal. Many brands offer fittings of different sizes and colours to add to this appeal and provide a relaxed and calm experience.

Warranty and brand

Choosing fittings that high-end brands manufacture help you save maintenance costs. A good product guarantees durability and ease of use along with a warranty period. Make sure you check for the warranty before buying any fittings. Since fittings in a bathroom are used daily, they are also subject to wear and tear. Make sure the ones you choose are built well to endure all kinds of corrosion and come with a warranty period.

Efficacy and practicality

Technology and innovation have made its presence felt in the world of bathroom fittings too. This has provided a variety in the designs and structure of these fittings, like faucets and showers. Like most homeowners, it will be unwise if you overlook the functional aspect and pay attention only to the looks. If you live with elders, it is important to choose fittings that are easy and convenient to use.


Here comes the tricky part. What is to be done if you like a particular faucet but can't overrun your budget? One important factor to consider would be the product's cost-effectiveness, whether it would serve its price well. Secondly, make sure the quality is not compromised, and the materials used are eco-friendly and safe to use.

Cleanliness factor

Bathroom accessories often get dirty and lose their shine with time. Cleaning them becomes a nuisance as the dirt on them becomes hard to remove. While choosing fittings or your bathroom, make sure they can be cleaned easily, even at irregular intervals.

Sturdiness and resistance

Since all bathroom fittings go through constant touching and turning and get exposed to moisture daily, they must be rust and wear-resistant. Likewise, taps, hand showers and faucets must be chrome plated to prevent rusting and guarantee long-term use. For example - PTMT taps serve as reliable and efficient options for day-to-day applications.

Choosing the right fittings for your bathroom doesn't seem that important unless you make the wrong choice and deal with the maintenance costs. With so many options available in the market, even choosing the right type of plastic tap has never been this stressful. However, following the above mentioned points, you can get your hands on some cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing bathroom fittings.

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