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How To Launch Your Online Course

Launching an online course is not a child’s play. Course creators find it very difficult to plan a robust marketing strategy to launch online courses.

Online courses take more than just creating the course content. A course creator has to take care of multiple things like marketing strategy, pricing of the courses, & selecting an LMS to launch their courses.

Apart from the solid course content, you would need to have a robust marketing strategy. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired revenue on your investment. Research your rivals as it will help you in analyzing the things that they are doing and how you could provide more value than your rivals.

Many teachers, bloggers & entrepreneurs are earning huge revenue just by launching their online courses.

Have you wondered about how they are able to generate huge revenues? Or

How they were able to create an impact? or

How they could earn six-figure revenue through their online courses?

The answer is simple. They are able to earn such a big amount because they planned everything well in advance. They had a plan and they just followed it religiously. You can also create an impact & earn six-figures revenue like the. All you would need to do is to choose your profitable niche, create a course on it & make it visible to your target audience. I would suggest you to look no further than Spayee to launch your course.

Steps to Launch Your Online Course

1- Niche Selection

Deciding your niche is the first step in the journey of course creation.  You need to figure out the things that you are good at doing. Choose something for which you are passionate. Try to identify what is something that ignites the spark within you. Along with this, keep in mind that you choose a topic that has a demand in the market. Your chosen niche should be a combination of knowledge, passion, and market.

2- Validate Your Course Idea

After deciding your niche the next step is to validate your course idea. Keep a close eye on your rivals. Know about their marketing & pricing strategy. It will help you in identifying the things that are working for them. You can try to do the same things as them because the chances are that they will work for you too.

You could also ask for suggestions from your co-workers or friends. It will help you in understanding whether your idea of launching your online course will work or not.

You could also join groups Facebook groups of like-minded people. Share your queries with them. Maybe they can help you in clearing your doubts. You can also check questions and answers related to your course topic on various question-answer platforms like Quora or Yahoo answers e.t.c

3- Choose an LMS

Once your course idea is validated, you can start looking for LMS platforms. Multiple LMS platforms are available on the internet. Compare the features of the available options and select the one that you think would serve you best.

Make sure you select the platform which ensures content security. You can select Spayee. It supports multiple content formats like audio, video, PDF, and text files & they also provide the feature of live class & live tests.

4- Launch Your Course

After selecting the LMS platform, you can start creating your course content. Use various multimedia features. Create content which is informative and engaging as well. If you create an engaging course, the chances of its completion are very high.

Upload the course content on the LMS once you are done with recording & editing work. Launch the course & promote it on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTube.

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