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David Highbloom and an Overview of Office Partners360 Vaccination Survey and Improved Health and Safety Program

Office Partners360, a credible and leading provider of customer service and personalized back-office solutions, recently conducted a COVID-19 vaccination survey to determine and stop vaccine hesitancy at the workplace. At the same time, in order to stay true and committed to its endeavor to keep its employees safe, it also strengthened its safety and health program.

David Highbloom speaks on the efforts to keep employees safe from the pandemic

Popular business leader David Highbloom is the Chief Administrative Officer of OfficePartners360, and he saysthat as per the results of the survey, 69% of the respondents to the survey were not keen to get the vaccine for COVID-19. In order to address this, OP360 rolled out a Vaccination Information Bulletin for COVID-19 to encourage vaccination and demystify concerns.

The company has entered into a partnership with Project BalikBuhay and the Office of The Presidential Assistant for the Visayas for registering employees for the COVID-19 vaccine free of cost. Other private companies have also joined in this public-private partnership that is unique to Cebu City in the Philippines.

The response has been positive

Due to these efforts, 640 employees from OP360 have registered for the vaccination so far. This count is about 48 percent more than what was expected on the initial vaccine survey. The Safety & Health Team will coordinate the rollout of the vaccine.

The company is still waiting for the final vaccination schedule as well as the assignment for the site of the vaccination. Priority will be given to employees with comorbidities that have registered on the site as per the National Vaccination Guidelines that had been issued. There is a second round of registration that has been scheduled to cater to extra staff.

OP360 prioritizes the health and the safety of its company’s employees

In order to stay true to its deep commitment to protecting its company employees, OP360 has intensified its safety and health program. It has launched a corporate telecommuting package to further support its highly effective Work-From-Home program. The company is subsidizing the Internet Plan every month for its employees so that they can successfully work without hassles on the wired Internet. OP360 also offers subsidized point-to-point shuttles for its onsite workers.

Health and Safety Themes for the month for company employees

With the addition of more certified Safety and Health Officers, OP360 has developed programs with a specific theme every month to address specific safety and health hazards. For example, in March, the company created the Fire Safety Month, where an information and training drive was conducted about fire safety, the different types of fire hydrants, the methods for the suppression of fire, and other safety tips.

David Highbloom says that in the meanwhile, OP360 has administered an internal survey to see how different communities were open to bike travel. It organized a bike safety campaign in April to emphasize Road Safety. To celebrate motherhood, the company hailed May to be the Maternal Health Month to raise awareness on prenatal and postpartum care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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