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Spray Wax Vs. Paste Wax: Which One is a Better Choice?

We know it is not possible to have time to take care of your car all the time in your busy schedule. Sometimes you can service your car, but mostly you prefer taking it to a service center and focus on other necessary tasks. But, if you do get a few minutes free for your four-wheeler, give it a good waxing time that will make it appear clean and keep it safe.

Now, we know that most of us have less time to maintain our cars, so the chances are you might not know about different types of car wax: Spray Wax and Paste Wax. Therefore, we bring you this piece with the purpose of car wax and help you find out which one is better for your vehicle according to your need.

Why Do You Need Car Wax?

First of all, a thin layer of car wax will protect your vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun. It works as a sunscreen that prevents the car paint from fading, discoloring, and oxidizing.

It further offers a high gloss finish to your vehicle and lets it shine forever. But, you should know how to apply it correctly to get desired results. Also, you need to know the correct type of product you will need to get the shine you expect.

Lastly, it won't let rainwater stay on the surface of your car. In many cases, you might have noticed that water droplets do not roll down the vehicle unprotected with wax coats leaving behind dirt and contamination from the rainwater. But, when you cover the car with a wax layer, it won't let much water stay on the surface, which means there will be less dirt and contamination for cleaning.

Which One Is Better: Spray Wax Or Paste Wax?

Now, there are two types of car wax you can go for, spray and paste. But, before you make a pick, know which one is better for your vehicle and need.

Spray wax is easier to apply and takes less application time than paste wax. You will spray it all over the car and wipe it off to get desired results within a few minutes only.

It is the best type to protect your car paint from damaging and oxidizing. It does not let dirt, grime, rainwater, and snow affect the shine and newness of your vehicle. It also protects your four-wheeler from blemishes you hate to see on your car. You can use it to cover minor scratches on your car's surface as well.

On the contrary, the paste wax needs more work and time than spray wax for application. But, the best thing about this type is it lasts longer than the spray wax. Also, it offers a glossy finish to your vehicle. Apart from this, it protects the paint from harmful sun rays and doesn't let dirt or grime stay on the car's surface. 

As you can see, both these products are beneficial and affordable; you have to make a careful choice for your vehicle. So, choose the best one according to your needs, and the free time for the job.

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