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How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Belize City?

Belize Metropolis, the Caribbean's biggest port and largest city is home to many attractions. If you want to spend some time in this amazing city, you may be seeking activities to do while you're there. In this post, we'll look at some of the greatest options available, so you can plan a trip that will be both memorable and pleasant.


The Great Blue Hole

For anybody visiting Belize City, the Great Blue Hole is a must-see sight. The hole is just a small part of Belize's enormous barrier reef, a popular tourist attraction. This huge sea sinkhole, which is said to have formed over 150,000 years ago and has subsequently sunk, is home to a varied array of creatures that must be seen to be believed. There are amazing offers on Southwest Airlines flight Booking also.

Water taxi to San Pedro

Take a water taxi to San Pedro. The journey lasts around 75 minutes, allowing passengers plenty of time to appreciate the water-based landscape. In addition, you are free to visit some of the great and colorful cafés and pubs in the neighborhood after getting to your destination. Get great deals on Southwest Airlines Reservations and book your tickets online.

St John's Cathedral

St John's Cathedral, built in the early 1800s, was the first church ever built in British Honduras. In addition to the church, Belize's oldest cemetery may be found there.
This lovely stone-built church is a striking landmark that should be admired by anybody passing through the region. The church is completely functional, so visitors may look around or join one of the services.

Fort Street Tourism Village

This vibrant and friendly district is ideal for visitors to Belize City, and it is packed with fun things to see and do. In addition, there are several eateries and places to unwind with a cup of coffee or a pint of beer.
The hamlet, situated on the port and has wonderful ocean views, has numerous quirky and quaint souvenir stores where you may explore and buy a memento of your visit to this amazing city. So book your Southwest Airlines tickets and take a tour of this village with your friends.

Albert Street

This is one of Belize City's most well-known retail avenues, with residents and visitors alike frequenting it. Clothing, restaurants, and hair salons are just a few of the shops you'll discover here. In addition, after a shopping day, there is a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants, and cafés to relax in. 

The zoo is around 20 kilometers outside of town, so it will take a little additional time to get there, but it will be well worth it for a wonderful day out. Coming to the Belize Zoo is a fantastic option if you are an animal enthusiast or interested in the zoo's conservation initiatives. There are 29 acres devoted to educating visitors about the animals and their natural habitats.

Celebrity Restaurant

Celebrity Restaurant is known for its delectable yet cheap cuisine and excellent drink choices.
The menu features a wide range of cuisines, including local favorites and dishes from Mexico, Turkey, and other parts of the world. The personnel are pleasant and dedicated, and they will provide you with excellent service.

Tourists are welcomed with open arms by the inhabitants, so you will not only enjoy everything the city has to offer, but you will also feel at home. Visit Southwest Airlines official site and get amazing offers on flight booking.

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