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Benefits of using a handheld blender

A hand blender is an important kitchen appliance that is sometimes commonly known as an immersion blender,  stick blender, and mini blender. This blender has sharp blades at bottom of the shaft that easily immersed in food that you want to be a blend.

This blender is mostly used in the kitchen to make purees and to emulsify the food, and also used to make creams. You can use this appliance easily without any hitch while working with it. The unique part of this blender is, you won’t need to transfer food to a different container for blending. Hand blenders are used to liquidize fruit, veggies and to make soup, chutneys, and cakes in the Indian kitchen.

Benefits of using a handheld blender:

1.       Give Portability:  The main reason for electric hand blender online is its small, light, or portable design.  A hand blender is best for those people who find portable and light appliances for their kitchen to make work easy.

2.       Versatile Appliance:  The other benefit of a hand blender is a versatile appliance for the kitchen.  The hand blender is not only used for blending purposes, you can use this for chop food and vegetable to make the dish. When you making chutney and smoothies in the traditional way it takes half an hour to make with the help of a hand blender you speedily food for your family.

3.       Make Less Noise: When we compare hand blenders with another type of blender we find hand blenders make low noise. In fact, a handheld blender is almost silent in use. When we switch on the blender it turns the stainless road into the wand which rotates the steel blade.

4.       Increase Productivity: Hand-held blender is not limited to the size of the blending container. Instead, You can use this blender in the cooking pot.

The other advantage is you can use this blender in a large amount of liquid and soft ingredients.  This is both useful and productive for your kitchen.

How to Choose the right blender: Here are some which help you to choose the right blender for your kitchen.

1.       Suitable Motor: The blender you pick for your kitchen must have a powerful motor to do various tasks. For normal work 200-300 watts, the motor is good. If you want to do a heavy task then 400 watts motor blender choice is good.

2.       Quality material:  Some hand blenders come with a plastic body and some come with a stainless steel body. If you buy a plastic body blender then you must be sure it is BPA-free food-grade plastic. However stainless steel is the best option to buy because it is easy to clean and strong as compared to a plastic-type blender.

3.       Design:  The main thing to check, the design of the blender is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The blender should be proper in size and lighter in weight. Also, the power button on the blender is easily accessible during the time of blending.

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