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7 Creative Collage Canvas Ideas And Tips


With the rising new trends in home decor styles, the one style still managed to hold onto its popularity is college canvas. A college is a beautiful way to brighten up your home - you can put up pictures of you and your loved ones, from memorable trips, of your pets, or of your dream city. However, before moving on to the purchasing process of collage canvases, there needs to be a little planning.

This article will share some tips and ideas that can help you choose the perfect college canvas prints to adorn your walls.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Collage Canvases

        Choice of Subject-

The choice of subject is the most critical point when it comes to making a collage canvas. You should choose a particular subject and stick with it. For example, you can go for beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones and make them into a collage. Or, if you are a travel bug, choose photos from your favorite trips and make a collage out of them!

        Color Scheme-

The next step is to choose a particular color scheme. While we are all for bright, bold colors, we suggest choosing colors that also complement each other. You can pick warm or cool tones to match your surroundings.

For example, if you have a minimalistic style, we suggest going for cooler tones. If you like brightness and a little drama, we recommend going for warmer, brighter tones.

        Height Measurement-

You can carefully pick out the size of the collage canvas you require. The canvas should match the proportion of your room. You should get small sizes for smaller rooms, while bigger ones for a big room. Choosing the wrong size might upset the balance of your room.

For example, if you hang your canvas too high, it will look odd and disproportionate. You should make sure your canvas is hung at eye level so that people can comfortably look at it.

        Mix Sizes and Shapes-

Why go for the boring old squares and rectangles when you can have something more edgy with circular or hexagonal designs! Using different designs and shapes can help to make a unique collage canvas effect.

On the other hand, you can also choose to mix up sizes - get a medium-sized one with two smaller ones and keep them all together to create an interesting visual effect.

        Keep Odd Number of Canvas-

Interior designers have long adopted the odd number of decor. While symmetry does have its appeal, arranging your collage canvases in odd numbers can lend a break from monotony. Keeping an odd number of photo collage canvas can give your room a more attractive and aesthetic look.

7 Creative Collage Canvas Ideas

  1. Monochrome Magic-

Who does not love good old monochrome when it comes to home decor. Black and white with the occasional grey tone is a classic favorite - it looks great with everything and provides a serene, minimalistic look. You can choose to have your collage canvas prints done in monochrome to add an elegant touch to your room.

  1. Geometric Shapes-

Nothing seems bolder and edgier than geometric shapes. Adding collage canvas prints in geometric shapes will add a bold and unique look to your room. If you have a plain color background, geometric shape collage canvas can bring a break from the monotony and vamp up the look of your room. You can choose to go for funky hexagons or pentagons over the same old rectangle and square-shaped canvases.

  1. Abstract Art-

Abstract art has always been one of the highest-selling concepts when it comes to home decor. People love the striking effect of abstract art - the abundant splash of colors on your collage canvas can help brighten up your room.

However, we suggest picking abstract arts with colors that complement each other - too many colors can ruin the effect and might look chaotic.

  1. Gallery Grid-

You can form a gallery grid in multiple collage canvas prints. The whole idea of a gallery grid is formed by displaying many pictures to form an overall aesthetic effect on the viewer.

The best subject for the gallery grid is pictures of your family and friends. Not only will you have innumerable pictures to choose from, but they will also act as an endearing collection of your favorite memories.

  1. Driftwood Display-

The driftwood display is a classic way to show off your photo collage canvas. You can attach a piece of driftwood and hand your collage canvases from that wood with the help of strings. You do not have to keep the pictures at a uniform distance or level - keeping them at different levels makes it look even more attractive.

  1. Clothespin Display-

Clothespin display is one of the most widely used ideas when it comes to displaying collages. Making the clothespin display with small polaroids can add a touch of charm to your room. You can also choose to include a string of fairy lights in this display to put more focus on the collage canvases.

  1. Heart-Shapes Collages-

You can choose to have a heart-shaped collage with pictures of you and your family and friends on memorable days or special trips. The heart shape lends a unique touch to the classic collage idea.

This idea works best if you are gifting a collage canvas to your loved one. A heart shape enhances the message of love and appreciation along with the collage canvas prints. You can also choose to give this as a wedding gift. To symbolize the love between your friends.


Creating collage canvases is all about choosing the right subject, the right style - anything that matches you and your style. You can handpick your own collage canvas style, include images of your choice, and make something sweet and memorable for your home. We hope this article helped you understand more about photo canvas collage and assist you when you purchase the same to adorn your home.


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