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Types of cotton sarees that one can wear regularly

Saree though is a traditional wear; a lot of women love wearing them in almost every occasion because they are effortlessly stylish. One can adorn them with full versatility.

When it comes to wholesale sarees, there are plenty of varieties and designs that one can think of. But one can also bank on cotton sarees because in India, this variety itself has a lot of sub variations. India has harsh summers and so almost every state of this country has their own signature of cotton sarees. Here are some major variations that one can think of adding them to their wardrobe:


Orissa has traditional weaving designs and sambalpuri is one which comes with traditional motifs like wheels, flowers and shells on them. These threads are first dyed and then they are woven on a fabric form which adds to the richness of the art and this entire process makes those sarees unique.

Tant Saree

This variety is typically known for its starch infused crispiness and they are a variety from Bengal available in many colours and designs. In fact, they are perfect as summer attire and one can easily wear them to a wedding or a festival because they look quite elegant and classy.

Kanjeevaram saree

It is named after the name of a very small town in Bangalore called Kanchipuram. They are made with care by the craftsmen living in that town and the bright colours add to the vibrancy of it. Though people are mostly aware of the silk variations of these sarees, there are cotton ones as well which are quite comfortable as a summer wear.

Khadi saree

This is one of the most breathable and comfortable wearing materials that one can think of. Mostly made from hand spun cotton yarns and handlooms, they are simply the best if one lives in a sultry summer environment. Hence having a khadi saree is a must in the wardrobe.

Chanderi saree

It is a traditional saree from Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh, and it is a perfect blend of quality, lustre and some unique prints. They have floral peacock and geometric patterns woven into different chanderi patterns that make those sarees unique.

Dhakai saree

Originally from Dhaka, which is the capital of Bangladesh, this is widely worn in east, especially in Bengal. They are made of plain thread work and then there are golden threads on them which are popularly known as Zamdani.

One can buy these variations from cotton saree wholesalers easily.

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