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Social Media Consultation WithOgyMogyWhatsApp Spy App Android

I was watching a historical drama and one thing got stuck in my head. They had to send a real person with a written letter on a horse to deliver any news or to get any news. I mean the odds that the message gets delivered in the right way on time and will not get blown away on the way was very minute. The drama was based on a war scenario and there were tons of people who lost their lives just to deliver an important message.Now we have secured radio signals to send or receive a message remotely.

Forget about wardays, we have WhatsApp and dozens of other instant messenger chat apps to send and receive messages simply with a click. All you need to do is type a message or capture a photo or record a video or audio message and send it to the target person. You can even send the same message to more than one person at the same time through group message options. All this and many more are the luxuries we should be grateful for as they have made our lives much more easy and simple.

Whatsapp is a globally famous app as

·         2 billion WhatsApp users access the app actively every month.

·         It is used worldwide as it is available in 80 languages and people of around 180 countries use Whatsapp.

·         As far as US citizens are concerned  53% open the WhatsApp platform minimally once every day.

This is alarming how much our lives revolve around these apps.They have practically taken us hostage and we are almost obedient to follow the protocol like a robot. But just like the historical drama showed there is always a way to stop the hostage takeover,all you need to do is make a quick and wise decision. In the war with social media obsession and addiction,our quick and wise decision is the use of social media monitoring features like the Whatsapp spy app for android.

My first choice is the OgyMogy spy app. Those of you who are regular users of the apps or have some basic knowledge might have other favorites but I can prove why OgyMogy is the best.

Remote Eye For Chat Message Conversation:

Don’t think that you can share whatever kind of message content you want just because it is as easy as a click.With the WhatsApp spy app for android get into the message folder (private or group message ) and read the content and conversation. Keep a remote eye on the text message conversation of your teenager or employees with the help of OgyMogy. This way you can stop any abusive or foul language use in your teen conversation and even know about any code text message as well. Don’t forget about the recent trends like sexting. Protect your teen from such hideous things and maintain a strict eye on their instant message chat activities. 

Ears For Audio Or Video Call Record:

People mostly use WhatsApp for making free audio and video calls with wifi. You can contact any relative living across the world or can make a business-related call with a client through WhatsApp. Moreover, with the Whatsapp spy app for android, you can monitor any important call of your employees and keep a record of the conversation for further use. Make sure the employee professionally deals with the clients.  

Want Reports On Status Update:

Status option on Whatsapp is meant to share the content for a limited time. Mostly it is 24 hours. You can even make a custom group of people to share some secret or private content with just some people. On the other hand, you can share your message,image, or video publicly. In both cases know about your target’s contacts and people in custom groups and make sure your kid does not share any personalconfirmation or sensitive content on the public platform.

Track Any Illegal Sharing Of Data:

Monitor the image,video, or audio file shared through WhatsApp and protect your kid from online bullying. You can use this feature to track any spying activity at your organization as well.

Other social media spy features offered by OgyMogy include

·         Facebook spy app

·         Snapchat spy app

·         Line spy app

·         Tinder spy app and more.

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