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Men’s Guide to Matching Pant Shirt Color Combination in India


Dressing up is an art and those who dress up well carry their confidence at its best at all times. Human beings evolved with time and are still doing so. According to practical usage in life, clothes have been discovered from a very early age. Earlier, people made outfits out of the bark of trees and everything available in nature. With the passing of time, various fabrics have been discovered to make shirts and other relevant garments for men and women.

Ways of taking men’s fashion to the next level

With clothing and fashion evolving, especially men’s clothing, one can now explore a lot of options in outfits. Earlier, it was a constructed belief by people that only women can dress up beautifully and not men. However, with passing time people’s mindset is developing and the very fact that every individual, irrespective of their gender should indulge in self-care and self-love is becoming prominent.

Men’s fashion has finally come out of the deep-rooted constructs of society that one cannot simply wear matching clothes because of a particular gender bias. They are going beyond the constructed ideologies to create something new every passing day. Another factor that has affected this process is the colour combination of dresses.

The evolution has taken place in such a way that it is prominent. Earlier, men used to indulge in colours such as black, white, grey and sometimes blue when we talk about any sort of clothing. With time, nowadays, men have started exploring and wearing garments of all colours which are available in the market. This indeed is a good step towards men’s ways of styling.

Each person wants to do something extraordinary in the field of fashion. It is vital to make your body and thereby yourself feel happy by wearing the best sort of clothes. It was during the 1900s when men believed to wear garments and outfits which were rather simple and one could wear it without any sort of hassle.

From then to now, menswear has entered the era of casual dressing. Especially, due to the Pandemic situation when most of the individuals are working-from-home, the requirement of wearing something which will be both comfortable and stylish has become prominent. So, even if you are home, trying out new colour combinations for your outfits can never go out of style.

It was during the 1970s when the fast-fashion era had emerged. During this time, people had started indulging themselves in bell-bottoms and other similar outfits. The number of colour combinations increased due to people’s acceptance of this new way of dressing up. Ever since then, there has been no looking back and men have started venturing into new styles.

Best Colour Combination Outfits for Men

Some of the best colour combinations to dress up in the most stylish manner in shirts for men and trousers are listed as follows:

1)      Black and White

2)      Blue and White

3)      Yellow and Black

4)      Pink and Grey

5)      Brown and Olive Green

6)      Olive Green and White

7)      Monotone

8)      Red and Beige

9)      Light Blue and Black

10)  Blue and Orange

These are some of the combinations of outfits that men can wear whenever they want. To keep colours in your outfit makes the process of dressing up less monotonous and exciting. One can keep the colour of formal shirts for men extremely subtle and along with that can pair a matching or contrasting coloured trousers to go with.

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