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Looking for the best gold dealers to sell gold bullion too?


If you’re looking for the best dealers to sell gold bullion, you should do your due diligence and only deal with a legitimate trader. If you don’t do your online research you could find yourself dealing with a pawnshop or con artist trying to exploit an uninformed seller who doesn’t know how much their gold is worth. So, before you go out and sell your gold bullion bars and coins, you should educate yourself so that you follow the best practices. When you learn about the actual value of what you’re trying to sell, you can approach a seller confidently and feel happy about the transaction when you get what you consider a fair deal. 

Before you go to sell your gold bullion, you should have a comprehensive understanding of its value. The price of a gold bar or coin can vary depending on its weight. The difference in value between the buy and sell price a dealer offers is called the spread. A dealer will always sell bullion a little over the market spot price and buy back bullion a little under the spot price. It’s important you learn this as you need to shop around the different dealer’s spreads when selling your gold bullion.

Once you’ve got an estimate of what your gold is worth, the question becomes where to find the best gold dealers in Melbourne to sell gold bullion too. As mentioned earlier, the best advice to avoid pawnshops and jewellers as they would offer you a low price for bullion. Also avoid any marketing campaign’s you see of a gold buyer setting up at a hotel. You should be looking for a reputable local bullion dealer that advertises the spread on the website.

Another method when looking for a dealer to sell your gold bullion is word of mouth referral, an honest dealer would have a large word of mouth referral customer base with sellers. You can ask for referrals from your friends who have sold gold bullion before.

The dealer should also possess a wealth of knowledge and make a conscious effort to inform their clientele. Most gold dealers should also offer useful guidance along with helpful and authoritative information. A good dealer will also provide both buying and selling guarantees on their gold bullion products.

You should not be in a hurry to sell your bullion, and it’s preferable to shop around instead of accepting the first buyer you get. Also make sure you keep an eye on the spot price of gold and what it’s doing. A good dealer will offer cash for your merchandise rather than issue a cheque, or if you prefer, an EFT. Be on the lookout for a buyer who’s sketchy with information because that might mean that there’s something to hide. The bullion industry is mostly unregulated, and there isn’t any particular protection given to the gold seller. It’s up to you to be wise while watching out for your interest. And that means doing your homework, seeking better offers, and asking for cash when you agree to sell. 


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