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How Can You Choose the Best Hammock?

The experience and comfort of lounging in a hammock can’t be matched with anything else. Whether you are using hammocks as a bed inside your house or using it to read books in your garden, the gentle swaying ability of hammocks can put your worries to rest and send you in a mode of relaxation.


Many people think hammocks can only be used near the house, but hammocks are spreading like wildfire among campers as well. The raised platform from the ground, no blocking of the view, and ease of carrying make the lightweight hiking hammock a perfect choice for campers.


But to enjoy the perks of hammocks, you first have to learn how to buy the best hammock. Luckily, this article addresses the points to consider while buying a hammock.


Choosing the right hammock-style


The first thing you have to decide on while buying a hammock is the style. There are various types of hammock styles available in the market, and we have listed some of them here.


Mayan hammocks


These hammocks are nothing less than a piece of art since they are hand-woven, and the process used for making this hammock is similar to what Mayan people used many years ago. Today, these beautiful-looking hammocks are made from cotton.


Brazillian hammocks


Just like Mayan hammocks, even Brazilian hammocks are hand-woven, and the traditional design of these hammocks keeps you snuggled in the center. The best part about these traditional hammocks is they have a tighter weave.


American hammocks


The spreader bar sets the American hammocks apart from the traditional hammocks and goes for a lightweight hiking hammock. The spreader bar is made from beech wood, and it keeps the fabric of the hammock taut.


Choosing the suitable hammock material


Hammocks are made only from two materials; cotton and polyester. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages.



Cotton has been used to make hammocks for many decades, and it is the most popular choice for hammocks since it is flexible, soft, and offers a natural appearance.


But under direct exposure to the sun, cotton starts losing its color, and therefore, you have to keep it indoors when you are done using it. So, cotton has both advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to your personal preference while buying a lightweight hiking hammock.




Polyester is an entirely new hammock material, but it is more durable than cotton, and it can withstand even the most challenging conditions. People usually prefer polyester hammocks over cotton hammocks since, during camping, hammocks are exposed to the worst conditions.


Choosing the right size


The bigger the size, the hammocks roomier will be, but this doesn’t mean bigger hammocks are suitable for everyone. While buying hammocks, you generally get two categories of sizes;




These are smaller hammocks; the bed of these hammocks ranges from 39 to 50 inches. These hammocks are enough to support the weight of an average-sized adult.




This is the most popular size of hammock since they are designed to support the weight of two average-sized adults or provide extra elbow room for a single person.


Buying the right hammock is not a rocket-science since you need to consider a few points while buying the best hammock in the market. Even the purpose of buying hammocks can affect your buying decision. So look for the factors mentioned in this blog post, make a budget and then begin the hunt for the best hammock in the market.

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