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Why Instagram?


Instagram is a most recent social media network which allows user to share the photos and videos to their followers. The user can view the post of the people whom they are following. It was launched in the year 2010 by mike Krieger and Kevin systrom. Instagram is a familiar platform to connect with families, friends, celebrities, photographers, and many people. It helps in exploring the talents of individuals. It is more popular among youngsters as well as the older generation. Over with a billion registered to buy Buy ig account is active across the world. Instagram has supported mobile phones as well as desktops.


How to get started?


 If you live out of the Instagram world, these guidelines will be quite helpful to start an Instagram account.


Download Instagram and creating an account


 To work with Instagram, a user wants to download the app and sign up for an account. The app is free for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. After downloading the app, the user will be prompted to create a new Instagram account or log in with a Facebook account. The new account can be created by filling in all the essential details. Once the account is created, the user can edit the profile. The profile page keeps track of all the photos and videos of the people followed by the user. The shared videos and photos are called posts. The profile picture attracts the eye of everyone. So set a good profile picture for the Instagram account.


  Manipulation and photo Uploading:


The photos are public by default, but the user can edit the privacy settings. Photo manipulation is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the app. Instagram has many different filters. Using these filters, the users can convert normal photos to an extraordinary one. The young users are editing their photos with the essential filters and make them more attractive. It pulls the attention of many people and they gain new followers. It is also compatible with other photo manipulation apps. After finish the photo manipulation, the user can share or post the photos. Their followers can view it in their stream. When a user follows another Instagram account, their photos regularly appear in the user’s stream. The user can like and comment on the photos.


Features in Instagram:


Tag people: Instagram contains a feature to tag someone in a post. If someone tags, they will get a notification.


Adding Hashtags, captions, and Emojis: Instagram allows using hashtags # and emojis. Also one can use a caption to mention someone in their comment using @.


Adding Location to post: Location tag helps other people to know, where the photo was taken. Clicking on the location tag brings the feed of the corresponding location.

Adding stories: Instagram stories are a mixture of photos and short videos are in the form of a slide show. It lasts only for 24 hours. It is present on the top of the home feed.


Business Using Instagram: The business with Instagram is absolutely reaching more audiences. It provides a good reach for brands with over a billion users. To start Instagram marketing, users need to create a business account. The user needs to set the product and know the pulse of the audience. Set the attractive brand look and write interesting captions regarding the brand. Keep the “view shop” button on the page, so that the audience can see the specific post. Add more stories. Use Instagram Live and Reels to make the business account more active.


Instagram is a great place to show your interests. Sometimes your interest might turn into a new business. It is enjoyed by most social medial users. It is user-friendly. Similar to get started, you can also delete your Instagram account easily.


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