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Team-Building Events During the Pandemic: How to Make it Better?


The pandemic is now becoming the norm of our daily lives. It's integrated into everything we do nowadays that it had reached the point that we can't remember the things we used to do before the pandemic was around. When we ask ourselves why we wear personal protective equipment when we go out, the answer is because we want to feel normal. This is the same for many corporations worldwide, big and small.

When the pandemic first hit, many businesses were hit hard. Nobody saw it coming, and everyone was investing their funds normally. This unpreparedness has led to business closing their doors permanently. Those that haven't closed are struggling to keep themselves afloat.

There are many problems in handling business operations during the pandemic, but as time passed, more businesses have adapted to it. They have implemented a work-at-home policy to keep their employees safe and protected from the virus. However, there is a growing problem that many businesses have ignored, and these are corporate events.

Before the pandemic, thousands of corporate events happen every year. Many are dedicated to enriching the relationships that employees have with one another. There are some that help employees learn new things about the industries.

But arguably, the main reason we have corporate events is for social interaction. Corporations and businesses are social in nature, and without these events, employees at home would feel isolated. This isolation would then lead to depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. This is why corporate events are more important now than ever. One of the main corporate events you should concentrate on is team-building.


The best kind of corporate events can promote social interaction among employees while also teaching them something. This is why team-building events are one of the best online events out there right now, because not only can they have fun with one another, but because they can also learn something from one another. The best part of these events is that they can be recorded, making the experience more memorable. But the question in everyone's mind is how do you set up a team-building event while the pandemic is still around? There are a couple of ways you can do this.

Make It More Intimate

The pandemic discourages large events with ten or more people. If your business is small and has only ten or so people, then that's good! This is the average number of people in many small businesses in the US, so you can still hold team-building sessions with everyone in the company. However, not all companies have this small number.

If you have more than ten employees in your company, it's time for you to make your training more intimate by reducing the number to five people per event. You can do this by department, team, or group, depending on your preference. Intimate team-building events can be more impactful when compared to bigger ones because trainers can concentrate more on each individual.

Video Conferences

A year ago, companies thought that online team-building events were impossible. However, as we become more familiar with our current circumstances, we found new ways to do online training. There are now a wide array of online activities you can do for your online team-building session. These activities can help employees connect the same way traditional team-building events used to do. So give it a shot. You'll be surprised by the results it can bring.

Virtual Lunches

When you're tired of the daily video conferences and meetings, it's time for you to spice it up a bit through virtual lunches. This particular event can happen a couple of times a month. It can be a great time for employees to mingle to talk about things aside from work. It's also one way to check up on employees and ask them how they live pandemic lives. One of the activities you can do during these events is to let your employees do a virtual tour of their homes.

Online Retreat

An online retreat can be one of the greatest team-building events you can have, especially during this time of crisis. Many of your employees are currently going through something, and although they might not show it, they still feel it. Sometimes we all need to take a break and look into ourselves and how we feel.

This is why an online retreat can be beneficial for your employees to find meaning in their current lives. It's also a good switch-off button to stop the brain from overworking and concentrate on healing oneself. If you're wondering who can hold these online retreats, there are many companies out there that are making this service available for everyone.

Here are some ways you can spice up your team-building events in your company. These are simple but effective ways of bringing your employees ever closer with another. It's also something that can pull your employees out of the monotone stresses of everyday virtual life. So give each one of these a shot. You'll definitely see the changes once you do.

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