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How Different Bottoms Can Change Your Style Statement

Clothes can instantly transform your whole look. Being smartly dressed for the right occasion is not an easy task. It takes months and years to curate a wardrobe that reflects your personality. You should never underestimate the power of a good clothing statement. People have different choices and tastes when it comes to clothes. But, one cannot deny the importance of comfortable and well-fitted clothes. It is cool to have vintage clothing but filling your wardrobe with the same kind of clothes is the worst thing you can do. Therefore, we all need a change in our wardrobe that not only gives us a trendy look but also makes us feel comfortable. And, one of them is “Pants”. Whether you are going to the office or to a party, you should never go wrong with the pair of pants you are wearing. 

As a woman, you should never stop experimenting with your clothes, especially with your bottoms. Otherwise, you will end up having only blue jeans all over your closet. 

Depending upon different seasons and occasions, there are varieties of pants available. In that too, you can play with different patterns and colors.

So, ladies! The time has come to update your wardrobe with different types of bottoms to suit your style.

Culottes: Culottes skirt-pant style has been popular since the 1930s in Europe. Culottes being extremely comfortable and roomy is extremely flattering for people who are versatile in terms of their fashion sense.

These are wide-leg pants that can come in different styles like belted, high-waisted, etc. There is a flat panel on the inside of the leg with added volume, which overall gives culottes a skirted look. You can buy them on websites like Ajio. What’s more exciting is that you can use easily available Ajio coupon codes to make your culottes shopping cheaper as well. 

Culottes come in different lengths. If you are someone who is a little conscious because of your skinny appearance, you must own culottes. 

Straight-Leg Trousers: Straight-leg trousers or pants are the trendiest pants of 2021, as they have silhouettes running straight to the bottom. Straight-leg pants are perfect for you if you want a classic look. One can experiment with straight-leg pants in a variety of ways. All you need to do is put on some accessories and match them up with trending tops according to your occasion, and you are good to go.

Straight-leg pants come in different leg lengths as well, from slightly below the ankle to cropped under the calf. As per the trend, you can never go wrong with high-waisted, straight-leg pants.

Palazzo Pants: If you like funky and trendy, you can never go wrong with a pair of palazzo pants. You can have all kinds of palazzo pants in different colors available on Limeroad, where you can use Limeroad coupons as well to get an attractive deal. Palazzo pants can upgrade your wardrobe as it is one of the best options in formal pants. Like culottes, they also come with a wide-legged style. With its flared look, one can easily pull off a trendy look.

Leggings: Leggings are evergreen options of pants that can never be outdated. Being extremely comfortable, they soothe your skin to the next level. Leggings look skin-fitted, but that does not make them uncomfortable. You can find wide varieties of leggings online available in different colors and patterns. And, the best part about it is that you can style them in the way you like it. You can pair them with a long shirt, a Kurti, or a long top. One can easily choose leggings based on their size which can vary from S to XXL.

Trousers: Trousers are the most common piece of bottoms that can be styled for formal to semi-formal looks. Trousers are best because they fit you like a dream and can fit any body type. Women's trousers come in various patterns and colors and can make any woman look elegant. Shoppers Stop is one of the trusted websites to buy some amazing pairs of trousers. If you think shopping from there could be a bit heavy on your pocket, you can look for Shopper Stop coupons online as well. 

Sailor Pants: These pants fit every season, as you can wear them in winters as well as summers. With their retro look, these pants are becoming popular among young women. Sailor pants are high-waisted and as they move down, they become loose and straight. You can carry them casually for an outing or formally when going to your office. They will fit all your needs. 

Harem Pants: These pants are an ideal deal if you are looking for something comfortable yet stylish. With their loose fitting on the legs, these pants prove to be a good choice when you are traveling or going on a road trip. They have elastics or bands at ankles and waist, giving them an overall incredible look. 

Cargo Pants: Also known as combat pants, these pants have a lot of pockets to fit those extra items. These are loosely cut pants, which can make your casual look stand out in a crowd. You can carry them with a t-shirt and pair them with a nice necklace to give your entire outfit a chic look as well. Since these are made of heavy fabric, they are not ideal for a hot place. 

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