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Conventional and Modern-Day Techniques to Heal Sports Injuries


Sports injuries are considered the biggest fear for most athletes, especially the ones playing at a professional level. No one wants to get sidelined from the ground or the team because of injury, but it has become an integral part of any given sports event. In most of the cases, sports injuries are healed with time and with proper care with attention to look after the pain.

In some cases, injuries are so severe that, along with physical aspects, it also impacts the athlete's mental health. At times, the athlete needs to give up the sport. It is thus always important to have a positive approach towards the injury,and this plays an important role in the performance of the athlete post-injury.

This post talks about the conventional as well as modern-day techniques followed by a doctor of sports medicine to heal sports injuries.

Conventional Techniques


This is one of the most common yet very effective techniques to treat any injury and not just sports injuries only. The practice of physiotherapy works amazingly on long-term chronic pain. Physiotherapy is a time taking treatment, but the treatment is very effective.

PRICE Therapy

PRICE Therapyis a common method to heal sports injuries. However, the treatment only affects on minor injuries. The techniques of PRICE therapy include getting protection around the injured body part, taking adequate rest, elevation, compression, applying an ice pack, etc.

Pain Relief Medication

There are plenty of painkilling medicines in the market that works instantly on an injury to alleviate the pain. But one must keep in mind that painkillers cannot treat an injury completely. It only gives relief for the time being, and one must communicate with the doctor of sports medicine regarding further course of treatment to recover from the injury.

Modern Day Techniques

Tissue Engineering

When joint cartilage is affected by an injury, it does not heal on its own like the other tissues in the body do. And here comes the importance of Tissue Engineering treatment. This is a completely new technique that refers to transplanting healthful cartilage from different parts of your body to the injured body part. As a result, the new healthy cartilage helps the injured tissues to heal properly. And this entire processof tissue engineering is offered under the strict supervision of expert sports doctors.


The term arthroscopy is derived from two different Greek words, “arthro” which indicates “joint” and "skopein" which suggests “to look for.” Arthroscopy is a practice that doctors conduct to look in the joint.

This is a surgical process referred by orthopedic surgeons to see, comprehend, analyze and treat all the problems inside a joint. Arthroscopy can be used especially to heal shoulder injury, wrist injury, and knee injury.

Apart from the ones discussed above, doctors also offer different techniques to heal sports injuries, and it depends on the severity of the injury. In case you have incurred any injury, please do not wait for it to subdue and get medical attention immediately. 

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