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8 Best Thing to do in Dusseldorf

Well-maintained streets, trendy restaurants, and an amazing vibe of modern lifestyle, Düsseldorf will not let you get bored. If you are going to plan a visit to this international financial giant, then firstly you should get familiarized with its surroundings.

Düsseldorf has dozens of museums and more than 100 art galleries, keeping internationally renowned art collections and much more. One of the central hubs of Germany's rich heritage, Dusseldorf is ready to get explored by you!!

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Enjoy shopping at Konigsallee Avenue

Germany's most elegant shopping street, the Königsallee Street is like a candle-lighted gallery in the heart of Dusseldorf. A great destination of quality tourism, the street keeps drawing the attention of visitors through its eclectic mix of exclusive boutique shops, designer clothing stores, luxury shopping arcades, and art galleries, and numerous stylish restaurants and cafes. Konigsallee is a too beautiful street that you ever imagine!!

Sumptuous Interior of Schloss Benrath

Have you ever heard of the Schloss Benrath Mansion? You will be moved by its endorsing beauty which is reflected through its wonderfully carved Baroque style.

Built in the mid-18th-century, the Schloss Benrath Mansion is surrounded by splendid gardens and charming fountains. If you are visiting there with your partner, don't forget to take some couple-snaps through a local photographer.

Cars at Classic Remise Düsseldorf

Guys, how would you feel, when you get to see an outstanding collection of classic cars, free of cost? Isn't it exciting? Well! That's the truth!! You can enjoy a jaw-dropping fleet of classic cars exclusively from the 20th-century era.

A heaven for car lovers, the Classic Remise Düsseldorf has everything restored and repaired, just for the sake of tourism for international visitors.

Neanderthal Museum? Must-visit!!

Want to know about the first-ever humans living on earth? The Neanderthal Museum will tell you that!! Visitors have the opportunity to take photos with life-like waxworks of Neanderthals, the specialty of the museum.

Visitors are also given a choice to roam around its archaeological park and admire an artwork representing mankind's evolution.

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Splendid views from the Rhine Tower

Rhine Tower or the Rheinturm is the tallest building in Düsseldorf, climbing up to 240 meters. Constructed in 1981, the tower features an observation deck that offers superb views of the city. Visitors loved to take photos and selfies from the height to put on their Instagram feeds and stories.

You can also visit this spot and take memorable family photos from the height, to cherish them for life. Make your arrangements now, guys!

Museum Kunstpalast

Arty galleries of Museum Kunstpalast will take your breath away!! An outstanding collection of historic artworks from the 3rd-century BC, this Museum of Art in Düsseldorf, includes fine arts, sculptures, and drawing, with more than 70,000 items of graphic art, photos, and applied art.

So, guys? If you are an art and historic buff, then you should include the art museum in your itinerary. An exciting journey is waiting for you out there! Don't waste your time, then.

Imperial Castle of Kaiserswerth

If you are here in Düsseldorf, then you should not forget to visit the Kaiserswerth neighborhood. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Düsseldorf, it is in itself a small town of fine Baroque mansions and beautiful scenes.

The place is also a photogenic one where you can capture memorable snaps on your mobile phones and later post them on social media, just for entertainment.

Art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia

Divided across two main venues, the K20 and K21, the North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection is one of the most-visited locations of Düsseldorf. One of its largest buildings, the K20 Grabbeplatz houses numerous works of modern art, including a notable collection of paintings by Paul Klee.

The separate museum of K21 Standehaus includes several installations focusing on modern painting and drawing, as well as sculpture and film, with works by Thomas Schütte, Reinhard Mucha, and Thomas Hirschhorn.

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