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Why does couple need guidance of marital counselors?

 Marriage is a sacred institution. Two people decide to be together lifelong. They decide that come what may in life they will face all the situations together. They have the love, affection, and understanding, trust in each other and decide to tie the knot where they both would stay with each other in all situations. 

A couple may like each other for their nature, qualities their behavior and so on. To maintain a healthy marriage the main thing is communication. Couple will have to express their feeling and will have to keep the communication on between them. 

Couple should be able to handle problematic situations so that their relationship can become more stronger. However, there are many marital counselors available now a days all over the world. There is couple therapy Singapore has. 

Couple can go for counselling before marriage or after marriage. Before marriage the counselor can guide the couple with what challenges the couple may face after the marriage and how to handle them. 

Since the marital counselors are experienced in handling cases they would be the best professionals who can guide to be couples on what could be the challenges after marriage and what are the advantages of marriage. 

Couples after marriage also may need guidance as there may be misunderstanding between the couple and there may be couple who may not be able to live up to each other’s expectations after marriage.

What are the reasons for increase in divorce rate now a days:

It’s a universal problem now a days that most of the marriages are facing challenges.The divorce rate has increased drastically now a days when compared to previous days.There could be many reasons which would factor for the increase in divorce rate.

Lack of understanding among couple,communication gap.Not able to live up to the expectation of each other ,ego and attitude may be few reasons.

There are few couples who love each other before marriage and later after marriage they would not be able to stand each other’s company.There are situations where couple may not want to live together because of lack of sexual intimacy.

Whenever couple feel that their marriage is falling apart the best suggestion would be to reach out to a marital counselor. As a profession the marital counselors may have seen many cases where the couple come up with many issues and problems. 

The marital counselors would be the right people to guide and counsel the couple. For every problem there is a solution. Same goes in case of marriage. Not all marriages end up in disaster. 

Couple can increase their communication with each other, express their views and feeling. Understand each other and stand for each other. A happy marriage is only when both the partners are happy with each other.

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