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The various impacts of a natural calamity

The world is becoming increasingly advanced in technology and various other fields. But does that keep it safe at all times? Nature is still dominant and there is no way we can stop its role in our lives. When nature becomes furious, the impact is sometimes very huge. Many are not able to recover from the damages often.

Even in times of adversity, there are some good souls like bashir dawood and his family who have been providing generous service. If not for these people, many would have found rehabilitation very tough after a calamity.

We will try to understand the effects caused by nature’s fury below.

·         Impact on an individual- An individual may suffer a loss of property, resources, shelter in times of a natural calamity. He suffers physical, mental, and emotional damage. Sometimes the dame is irreversible and nothing can compensate him. There is a lot of stress in such times. Individuals may also suffer a physical injury during a natural calamity. It takes a lot of time for them to recover from the damages suffered. Loss of a member of the family in floods, tsunami, etc may also happen sometimes.

·         Impact on the economy- A ferocious hurricane can destroy property and infrastructure to a great extent. To recover from this the government has to do a lot of spending and this impacts the economy. Rebuilding everything again is a strain on the finances of the state. The affected people have to be relocated temporarily and then facilities have to be made to shift them back to their original places. The state loses its GDP in rehabilitation task and this will be a burden on the budget.

·         Health issues- After a natural calamity a lot of health and hygiene-related issues arise. This may be due to contamination of water. During heavy flooding, everything is washed away and sewage gets mixed with potable water. Also, bodies are washed away in the floods causing health concerns. People are unable to have access to medical facilities as reaching them becomes difficult in such times. Toilet facilities are not available and pose a great risk. Several disease-causing bacteria spread after a natural calamity and give rise to epidemics.

·         Damage to the environment- The environment suffers great damage after a calamity. A hurricane or flood destroys a lot of trees on the way. These had taken years to grow and are gone in minutes. The ecosystem is greatly challenged as a result of a natural calamity.

To conclude we can say that natural disasters create a lasting impact on the lives of people in a negative way. The recovery is slow but happens well with the contribution of fellow beings and the state.

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