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Is It Time to Look for a Different Job? Five Signs to Consider

The alarm goes off early on a bright Monday morning. What is your reaction? Are you excited to confront the day? Or do you dread leaving your bed and strike the snooze button?

In case you are experiencing the latter, you must reanalyse your life and identify the catalyst. You may find the lag is related to work. That explains why it is normal for the individuals to change three to four jobs before they turn 30.

Now how can you be sure that you require a career change? According to the best executive coach in London, you must start by looking out for the below-mentioned signs.

1.      You are Bored Always

Although there are a few benefits of boredom – it can boost creativity and motivate you to become goal-oriented, if you spend your entire day at the office playing games, checking the time, online shopping, or daydreaming, then you are not doing the sort of work that challenges or thrills you.

2.      The Work Does Not Naturally Come to You

You see this in every office.  You have that employee who is outright unstoppable. They are so skilled and productive that they make others look bad. Then there is another employee who is not being able to keep pace with deadlines and struggling to understand even the simplest assignments. Does that mean the first one is more driven or smarter than the second? Not necessarily.

It is just that the first employee is leveraging their strengths, so the work comes naturally to them. The second employee, on the other hand, does not possess the same amount of expertise. Eventually, their job satisfaction and prosperity flies out of the window completely.

3.      You are Not Utilised Properly

If you were appointed to be that excellent writer at an advertisement agency, but they have not yet published any of your articles, brochures, or billboards, then why exactly are you staying there? Your talents are obviously going down the drain, and it is simply lengthening the time to move to a new organisation that would be happy to utilise you.

4.      Your Boss Intentionally Ignores You

While you were not friends with your boss, you can remember a time when you brainstormed ideas together or talk about a Game of Thrones episode. Then, one fine day, such conversations cease to exist.

It is obviously puzzling, and there could be much more to such a story, like your boss experiencing personal problems. But, if you constantly get a cold shoulder, you would fail to reassure yourself that everything is okay. You end up asking yourself, ‘What did I do wrong?’

5.      You Cannot Envision Yourself in Your Current Company for More Than a Year

Do you see yourself in the company you are working in after a year? The top-notch career coaches utilize this time frame because that is how long it takes usually to find a new job. So dig into the future and try forecasting where you will be, what sort of work will you be doing, who will you be tackling, and who will be tackling you.

If the scenario fills you with anxietyand not exhilaration, then you are just spinning the wheels – exerting substantial amounts of effort without actually achieving anything tangible.

Changing a job or pursuing a new path is a difficult endeavour. If you feel yourself putting off the decision for a prolonged period, you need help.

Executive coaching assures the leap you are going to take is based on precise information and makes the transition as smooth as possible. It also provides you access to strategies through which you can feel satisfied in your new workplace.

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