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Getting the best packages of Tower of the Damned Boost

The game of World of Warcraft has gained a fanbase of its own in recent times. Owing to its gameplay and franchise, the number of players keeps increasing on a year-on-year basis. One of the recent additions within it is the Tower of the Damned. It is an infinite and ever-changing dungeon that is equipped with the best mechanics of Shadowlands. The difficulty levels keep increasing with the wing system comprising of multiple layers and floors. 

Limited to a group of 1 to 5 players, winning the matches allows you to gain Ashes of Souls (new currency required for making the legendary items). Therefore, the fans are looking for boosts to win the same. Read on to find more.

Reasons to order

The following are some of the popular reasons for which the players prefer going for the boosts:

  • Quick completion of the game, maximum within the week, accelerates the rate by which players gain the resources.
  • More loot from each of the wing after defeating the final boss of the game.
  • Fastest completion at 1-2 hours after the start of the game.
  • Ensures complete anonymity of the players ordering the same and hence provides better control over it. 

Therefore, you must never shy away from going for either of these packages. 

The basic requirements 

The following are some of the basic requirements that need to be completed before applying for a boost of Tower of the Damned:

  • Minimum character level of 60
  • Access to at least the 8th floor of the dungeon.
  • No history of account transfer.
  • Stable internet connection.

If you check off the given criteria, then welcome to unlocking your opportunity to gain one of the game's best boosts.

The major activities

After buying the boost for Tower of the Damned, you would be following the given steps to utilize the same perfectly:

  • Buy the soul ash at the cheapest prices from the online market and gain a full guarantee of effectiveness.
  • Quick passage to the tower's upper levels for gaining the energy to upgrade legendary items and gain popularity within the game.
  • Greater chance of gaining the legendary chest, laced with armor, weapons, and other accessories.
  • Flexibility to the playing characteristics for deciding on the type of rune created in the game and how it would be utilized.  
  • Forge towers with rune magic and turns legendary characters. 

Choosing the best ones

You can find some of the best Damned boosts at https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-torghast-tower-boosts. Nevertheless, the following factors would help in winning the best packages:


  • Cost of the boost to enter into the affordability of the player.
  • Reviews and ratings from the past players to judge the overall effectiveness.
  • Guarantee of non-detection by the primary server and thus prevents permanent locking from the same.
  • Collection of a good number of characters that can be created from the boost.

All in one, it would be worth investing your time and efforts in such boosts. Ultimately, the resources gained would enhance your hold over the dungeons. 

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