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Best Family Friendly Destinations in Lihue


Planning to have the next vacation with your family and wondering where to go? Lihue is the right destination to cherish amazing times with your family.


Lihue is an amazing destination in the centre of Kauai Country, Hawaii, in the USA. It is the second-largest town on Hawaiian island. This beautiful island holds amazing scenic beauty and has sight-seeing places to wander around. If you plan to visit Lihue with your family, it also has many family-friendly destinations that you can enjoy with your whole family and kids. All you need is Southwest Airlines Reservations to have a hustle-free vacation. 


Here are a few interesting destinations we would recommend:


Kalapaki Beach


Lihue is surrounded by many beaches, landscapes, palm trees, and mountains. The coastal landscapes are amazing and worth exploring once in a lifetime. Kalapaki beach is one of the most important beaches in the center of the city. 


This beach has an excellent sitting near the warm waters in March. There are picnic tables laid down all across the beach and near the shopping center. The sandy beach is calm and one of the best Hawaiian beaches. It is an amazing stress buster place where you can cherish a great time with family.


It's a neat and clean open beach where kids can enjoy their games, play with the sand and have a great recreational time. In case if you are closer to vacation times, wait no longer. Get your Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets before they become expensive around the season. 


Wailua Falls


The view of this waterfall is gorgeous, and you can also enjoy a short drive near the waterfall. It seems to be just a few kilometers away from the highway, and there is a delicate fence that separates the waterfall from the main road. It is easy to locate and worthwhile if you want to spend some time in the laps of nature.


 It is something kids would like to explore and carry back memories with them back home. They are sure to narrate the amazing experience with their friends while they land up back to school. 


Grove Farm Sugar Plantation Museum


It is a beautiful farm spread over 80 acres of land. There are many fine gardens, and the arrangement of plants is amazing. There is green pasture land all around while you see far and wide in these plantations.


The beauty of flowers is unmatched, and its worthwhile being on this island. It is entertaining at the same time, has a historic connection one can relate to. It hails from great times, and it is the foundation of the sugar industry that bloomed from this island. It also has a museum inside, but the entry fare to the museum is expensive. It has vintage stuff you would like to explore, and while you have invested so much to reach the island, you would love to explore the museum. 


Immaculate Conception Catholic Church


This immaculate church reminds me of Lourdes and has an immaculate conception. This local church is welcoming and loves to host guests onto the island. The priests are easily accessible, and they love to bless the guests who visit the island.


This beautiful church shines in the centre of the island and grabs the attention of the passers-by. They also sing traditional Hawaiian music, which is bound to touch your soul. 


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