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Advantages of Microsoft Excel: A look at the potential of this platform for acting as a money spinner for businesses.

One of the greatest data analysis platforms that is available in the present times to a data scientist is the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In this article, we take a look at the various advantages that are provided by this platform. We also give a passing reference to the importance of excel course in Malaysia.

A look at statistics

Irrespective of a person being a beginner or a professional, Microsoft Excel is used by him in one or the other way. Microsoft Excel is the unique tool that is used by a wide range of audience around the globe.

According to an estimate, around 700 million users are using this platform which is the largest spreadsheet program in the business market today. 

A survey by Microsoft concluded that Microsoft Excel was one of the best products for not only startups but also large organisations at the start of the 21st century.

The simplest and easiest techniques of the excel program are known to everyone but it is the advanced features that need to be utilised for advanced data analysis. Let us now take a look at various advantages that are associated with

Moneyspinner for businesses

There are numerous tasks which cannot be completed without the aid of excel. For instance, the creation of different schedules for staff members and other employees of the company is easily possible with the help of excel. In addition to this, different deadlines are met and various goals are achieved on time with effective use of excel.

It also helps in financial monitoring in many different ways including the monitoring of financial transactions over a period of time. Another advantage of excel is that it helps in storing a directory of information related to various clients. 

Excel also helps in tracking sales of different categories of products which is very beneficial for predicting potential sectors of investment in the coming times.

Efficiency and efficacy

Ranging from the tasks of sorting to classification, it is excel which helps in the effective organisation of data. Excel not only helps in conditional formatting but it also helps in customising a range of cells according to a specific criteria.

This helps in easy interpretation of data. The feature of customized formatting also helps in the arrangement of spreadsheets in a way that we desire. When the data is too large, we can identify specific trends using advanced tools in excel.

Such analysis also helps us to summarise results and present them in a more lucid manner. One of the best features of excel is that many users can work on it at the same instance of time. This boosts efficiency and efficacy in the long run.

Concluding remarks
An excel course in Malaysia can guarantee a great career and boost your professional skills in numerous ways. Statistics show that people who are well versed with excel earn much more than those who are devoid of it. This points out to the fact that the importance of excel would only increase in the times to come.

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