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A Look At Some Of The Best Online Events


This new pandemic scenario has influenced our pattern of living. Nowadays online events are getting high on popularity. Your everyday wellbeing yoga-sessions to your kid’s online coding sessions now everything is possible through the internet. Online events are being versatile day by day with this new scenario of pandemic. In the past year we have seen an amazing growth in short-term online learning programs. Such virtual events were our antidepressants, our saviour for throughout the past year. So let’s recall those events once again, let’s have a look at the same of those best online programs and appreciate the ideas:-

SBI Digital Conference - You may have heard about this one. It was organized on the 27th April in the year 2020. It got an amazing response within just one day. The organizers had a brilliant idea regarding the setup of this full online event. It had a lobby, a virtual exhibition, a networking Lounge, an auditorium and a product showcasing section. All these sections together gave an amazing experience to the participants. In this conference people had got an opportunity to express their opinions regarding the industry of gaming. Also through this conference people got persuaded or encouraged to participate in multiple virtual workshops or meetings. Moreover it created a huge impact on people’s minds during the lockdown period.

Online Exhibition- Today the internet is the most promising way to express arts and creativity. According to a recent survey, more than 200 online exhibitions were arranged in the previous year in multiple online exhibition platform. The massive success of such online exhibitions is showing a new ray of hope to the people who don’t have an option in this pandemic situation to showcase their talents. Such virtual exhibitions let people showcase their talent in the art industry. So we could count on this as one of the successful online programs.

Mental health Webinars- Nowadays mental health is a major concern for the entire nation. According to a study report it could be stated that in this pandemic situation more than 68% people are being affected through serious mental illnesses like panic disorders, major depressive disorder, phobic disorders and more. In the previous year, multiple webinars were arranged for the mental wellbeing of people. Such webinars gave the participants a scope to talk about their mental issues. Also successful and dedicated mental health professionals helped a lot of people through such webinars throughout the year.

Short-term Online courses- Online short-term courses are getting high in popularity since 2020. Nowadays, from short-term yoga courses to 3-months-baking courses everything comes with certifications. These short-terms courses are getting huge warming responses globally.

All the above discussed events got huge success and we believe we will continue utilizing the internet for enhancing our knowledge, for learning new skills.

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