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5 Skirt and T-shirt Combos That You Can Carry Anytime

Girls always think about what to wear and how to style it because they are very concerned about fashion and their looks. Staying comfortable in every piece of cloth is also important. T-shirts are the most comfortable for all of us, and girls are not exceptional. You can pair your t-shirts with your favourite bottoms to look good.

You can buy tees for women from online shopping portals, and we will suggest you pair them up with skirts if you want to look cute. A pair of skirt and t-shirt are very versatile as they can provide you with different kinds of looks based on your dressing. You can wear a skirt and a t-shirt for a party, on the other hand, you can wear a pair of t-shirt and a skirt for your workplace too.

You can choose your t-shirt and skirt combo according to the occasion or according to how you want to look cute or sexy. Here we will give you five ideas for a skirt and t-shirt combinations which can be very useful for you.

  1. Wear a printed t-shirt with printed skirts – Those who think that both printed tops and bottoms are not in the fashion they are wrong. At least with t-shirts as you easily wear a printed tshirt for women with a printed skirt. So, go and buy some printed tees for girls to make this combination. Wear a bold printed light-coloured t-shirt with a checked or a striped skirt. You can choose the length of the skirt according to your comfort.
  2. Go bold with a leather skirt and t-shirt – If you want to look bold and cute both together, then a simple t-shirt and a leather skirt are perfect for you. You can choose a brown coloured leather skirt and wear it with a black cropped t-shirt. Add a silver coloured necklace to complement the look. You can wear high rise boots or knee-length boots with them.
  3. Full sleeve t-shirts and denim skirts are the perfect matches – Full sleeve t-shirts look very cute with a denim skirt. These are perfect for wearing at college, or you can also wear them while going out with your friends. It will provide you with a charming and young look. We all know that a white tee and blue jeans are the ideal summer dress but if you don’t like wearing pants just replace it with a denim skirt. Wear a blue denim skirt with a full sleeve printed white t-shirt. Wear a pair and sneakers or wedges to complete the look.
  4. Try the combination of plain t-shirt and printed skirt –The plain and printed combo never fails to impress anyone, so you can try it with the skirt and t-shirt. Wear a plain or single coloured t-shirt and a printed or a striped skirt. You can tuck your t-shirt into the skirt for a cleaner look. Buy single coloured tees for girls if you don’t have one. For the print of the skirts, you can choose it according to your taste. There are lots of attractive prints available in the market, for example, floral, stripes, geometric etc. You can also choose the prints according to the season, for example, fall print.
  5. Combine cropped t-shirts with knee-length skirt – If you want a formal look, choose a knee-length skirt with a cropped t-shirt. You may think of it as weird but in reality, it’s not. You can wear a formal printed knee-length skirt with a single colour full sleeve t-shirt. Choose more formal colours for this look. For example, a grey checked skirt with a black t-shirt. It would provide you with a different elegance, and of course, a formal look.

If you follow these basic ideas, then no one can stop you from looking fabulous. Moreover, use your instincts and common sense while dressing up no matter what tips you are following. Only they can save you from disaster. 

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