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How to Monitor Computer Screen Remotely

The most significant application of remotely monitoring computer screens is for parents and employers. The parents' primary obligation and purpose is to protect their kids from the threats and harm of using digital networks.

On the other side, the employers in the digital world are finding it difficult to live up to the marks of business progress, as they face productivity and other like issues with respect to their employees.

So, the best idea to catch up with all the reservations and concerns of parents and employers is to monitor your target user's computer screen.

Best remote computer screen monitor – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is one of the finest computer monitoring software nowadays. It has dozens of useful features that help parents and employers in their target user’s monitoring.

The screen monitoring feature of the software is truly state-of-the-art in all aspects.

TheOneSpy – Screen monitoring and recording remotely

The end-user needs to purchase a subscription of the software. After installation by following instructions, the end-user will get access to the control panel of the software on the phone or laptop.

The screen monitoring feature works by turning on the said functionality at any point of time. After this, the app clones the live screen of the target computer on the end-user’s screen.

The whole screen of the target computer gets mirrored in front of the end-user. The end-user can even record the live screen activities in the form of short clips and save them to the online dashboard for later reference.

Importance of screen monitoring for businesses

Employers nowadays face serious challenges for their businesses. They are having concerns over the utilization of working hours by their employees.

Unproductive activities

The pattern has traces the excessive usage of internet and unproductive activities during working hours by the employees. A number of employees are used to spend a major proportion of working hours while surfing the internet, streaming music and videos online, connecting with their family and friends, ultimately causing the business to suffer.

Going with the same pattern, the assigned tasks do not get executed in time, causing the deadlines and ultimately the company repute to suffer.

Thus, if an employer starts recording a screen of an employee’s computer screen, he/she will remain aware of all the activities of their employee.

Coping with cyber threats

Cyber attacks are more generally causes due to careless usage of business devices by employees. They happen due to unsafe browsing over virus-prone platforms, insecure e-commerce websites, and unsafe financial checkouts. 

A number of employees are seen doing so while using business devices, so this is needed to be coped with in an efficient manner.

A report furnishes a number of revealing statistics that are vital for protecting the business from cyber threats; let’s take a look over them.

1. A cyber attack on a listed business, on average, causes its share price to decrease by at least 8%. This accumulates to hundreds of millions of dollars in some cases. 

2. A rise is seen in cyber attacks on businesses in the last year since Covid-19 inception. A rise of 300% is seen in attempts of cyber attacks on the businesses in US, and for the whole region is 500%.

3. The same report suggests that above 95% of the cyber attacks occurred on businesses are due to human negligence, errors, and mistakes.

So, if the employers start monitoring their employees’ computer, most of the businesses' threats will be phased out.

Importance of screen monitoring for parents

The parents can use the remote screen monitoring feature to know about the real-time activities of the child over the computer screen.

The threats of cyber bullying caused using social networks and the internet can be addressed using computer spying software.

The issues of blackmailing for getting financial benefits by the cyber criminals can be also be negated using live screen monitoring. So, the feature provides vital insights in maintaining and protecting the business and family interests.

·        Cyber bullying using the internet and social media

·        Blackmailing for financial benefits


The uses and significance of the remote screen monitor of TheOneSpy are discussed. TheOneSpy currently furnishes the best screen monitoring and recording functionality to the parents and employers in all aspects.

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