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How to choose my online course niche


While starting an online academy the biggest problem that a course creator faces is ‘how to choose the niche for his/her course?’ This is one of the struggles that I think most of the course creators goes through. We all have knowledge of various topics but the problem arises when we have to pick only one from them and create a course on it. At this stage we don’t even have any competitors so we can not even research on what our competitors are doing.

So, if you are someone who is finding it difficult to choose their niche then don’t worry in this blog I will share a foolproof strategy about ‘how you can choose your online course niche’. There are various platforms where course creators are creating and selling online courses on various niches like fitness classes, cooking classes and courses for toddlers. You can go for Spayee, it is an online course creating and selling platform and the best part is they provide various features at the minimal price.

The four things that you need to analyze before choosing your niche are-

1- What are you good at?


2- What is the thing you’re passionate about?


3- What is the topic that you know inside out?


4- Will people buy your course?

How to choose my online course niche

1- Knowledge

While choosing your niche the first thing that you need to know is what you are good at?. You need to know what is the problem that you solve on a daily basis?

For example if you know how to do makeup and possess deep knowledge of all the products. So it is natural for you to create a course on ‘How to do makeup?’. And because you are good at it, it will be easy for you to train other people.

2- Passion

Passion is one of the most important elements while choosing your niche. Creating an online course requires a lot of your time, effort and energy. If you’re not passionate about what you are doing then it will become difficult for you to pursue it for a longer period of time. Passion is something which will keep you going during the bad days. During the initial phase of your online academy you might not have a lot of learners enrolled in your course and that is time when your passion will not let you back out.

3- Experience

When a person wants to learn something, he would definitely want to learn it from someone who is an expert at it. It becomes easy for an experienced person to gain the trust of their potential customers. So having an experience is something which will work as a cherry on the cake.

But yes, it is not a prerequisite for creating an online course. It is good to have some experience but it is not mandatory. 

4- Market

Suppose you create a course content on a topic and you possess deep knowledge of that topic and you are also passionate about it. But what if you do not have the audience who is willing to buy your course. All of your time, energy, hardwork and money that you have invested in creating that course will go in vain. At the end you are creating a course which will give you a good ROI. So, it is extremely important to create a course on a topic that people would want to buy.

So, if you choose your niche for which you are passionate, you possess good knowledge and experience and you have potential buyers then you can easily create good content and grow your audience. And if you have already chosen your niche then you can go for Spayee because it’s our personal favourite and sign up for their free plan.

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